Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

The unpretentious outdoor hanger I in bright colors

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand DesignsCorrectly selected hanger will serve as an aesthetic element of decor

Keep clothes so that it does not lose its attractiveness, and it was always easy to find the right outfit. But what will it be – a few nails driven into the wall, or a stylish and elegant floor hanger ? A floor clothes hanger can become not only a functional object, but also an important element of the interior, adding notes of a certain style and charm to it.

Pros and cons of outdoor hangers

The main drawback of the floor structure is its questionable stability, especially for inexpensive products. But if you plan in advance what kind of things the future hanger will be used for, it is possible to choose a qualitative, sufficiently stable and safe model.

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Stylish wooden stand design for clothes hanger in Eco-style

Advantages of floor hangers:

  • Mobility.  This part can easily be moved to another place. If you have made a rearrangement, repair, added a new element of the interior to the room or vice versa – have freed up space from unnecessary things, perhaps now the hanger will look more harmoniously elsewhere.
Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

One of the main advantages of an outdoor hanger – mobility

  • Lack of installation work. When installing a wall hanger, wall holes are often required that damage the decorative coating. When dismantling, the holes will be visible, and the wall fragment will have to be repaired. If the floor holder of clothes hanger is no longer needed, just hide it in the utility room in minutes.
Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Neat white floor hanger

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Laconic wooden hanger design

  • Wide range of models. You can choose an outdoor hanger for any style of interior, for any type of clothing, accessories and even shoes. They differ in size, material of manufacture, external design.
Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

To pick up a floor hanger it is possible under any style of an interior, for any type of clothes, accessories and even footwear

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand DesignsUnusual floor hanger in the form of a dummy will be the original elements of your interior

Hanger for clothes, floor, wooden

A wooden hanger is the most popular option. The tree is strong and durable, therefore, such a hanger will be stable and reliable. On sale there are lacquered and painted products, carved models, as well as the most concise, which, incidentally, can be done on their own. Wooden clothes hanger will be appropriate in many styles directions – from traditional classics to fashionable loft . Decorate such a hanger and room in the style of country, as well as a room in modern style’s.

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Wooden hanger design combines environmental friendliness, stability and durability

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Photo 9 – Floor hanger made of wood looks well in the urban interior

Hanger for clothes, metal, metal

This hanger has an impressive weight, so its stability can not be doubted. Most often, metal hangers are made of chrome-plated aluminum, which can be painted in a variety of colors. Separately it is necessary to tell about forged floor hangers. These are products that are not inferior to the practical qualities of conventional metal, but have enhanced aesthetic properties. Forged hanger is a unique and elegant decoration of your hallway or verandah .

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Comfortable and practical floor hanger

Hanger for clothes, outdoor, IKEA

Holders from a variety of materials can be found in IKEA. The IKEA hanger can also be a combination of materials. For example, plastic hangers due to their small weight are unstable, so manufacturers use a hybrid plastic with metal. Also metal and wooden hangers are supplied with rubber or plastic hook tips (so as not to spoil clothes) and legs (to protect the floor covering).

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand DesignsPicture 11 – Floor hanger from IKEA – functional, convenient and practical

Models of hangers

  • Floor – a generalized concept, which includes several varieties of this piece of furniture.

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

The unpretentious outdoor hanger I in bright colors

  • Tripod. This is a vertically mounted tripod with hooks for modern clothes hanger stand and hats at the top. Often, such hangers have at the level of the belt a few more hooks (for bags) or a horizontally placed hoop (for umbrella-walking sticks). For stability, the bottom of the structure is designed like a tripod or provided with a flat base.
Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Tripod Modern Clothes Hanger Stand

  • Clothes Hanger basket. This model is similar to the previous one, but its base is a box or basket. It is convenient to store umbrellas, perhaps you will fit a basket for storing slippers, bags or bags, a dog leash, clothes care products and shoes.
Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Floor coat rack with basket at the bottom

  • Clothes Hanger-chair.  The model is really like a wide chair with a high back. On the seat you can sit down to comfortably change shoes, and under the seat can be a shelf for shoes . On the so-called back of the hanger-chair there are horizontal bars with hooks for clothes hanger stand and, probably, a shelf for headdresses.
Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Modern Clothes Hanger-chair Plus Stand

  • Coat rack. In form, such a hanger reminds the letter “P”. The upper crossbar can be equipped with hooks or be designed to store clothes on the shoulders. Although it is reasonable to combine these two types of storage of things on one system. A kind of hanger-rack – “P” -shaped hanger on wheels. Hanger racks are rarely placed in hallways because of their large size and dubious aesthetic properties. But in the dressing room, such a detail will have to go.
Clothes Hanger Stand Designs

Modern Clothes Hanger rack

  • Suit hanger. Compact in size, this model is designed exclusively for trousers and jackets. Usually one product accommodates one set of clothes, but the more expensive versions are designed so that several suits can be placed on them.

 Designer floor hanger in the form of wood

Clothes hanger Stand

  • Non-standard hangers. These are designer products made in the form of a branchy tree, a pile of pencils or a multi-armed robot. This is an option for those who love original interior items. By the way, creating an exclusive hanger alone will not be very difficult.
 Designer floor hanger in the form of wood

Designer Clothes hanger stand in the form of wood

Modern Clothes Hanger Stand Designs And Ideas

Original asymmetric Clothes hanger Stand

clothes hanger stand


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