Modern Wooden Dinner Table Designs

modern dining table design

Many prefer wooden products just because they perfectly adapt to any interior. The miracles of adapting the furniture from solid wood, both in modest square meters, and in solid apartments are truly impressive. From such a universal material are obtained not only comfortable beds, wardrobes, bookcases, but also a set, for example, dinner table,  chairs. Sheathing of granary boards, crazy exotics in combination with stone, glass, traditional log elements – all this will certainly decorate the interiors of any kitchen. here are a lot of modern dinner table designs.

Benefits of dinner table 

Stylish dinner table with chairs made of wood are a successful experiment of “embedding” modern conveniences in wooden architecture. Such elements are necessarily suitable for classical, Mediterranean, African, Provence styles, Shebbie-chic, Kitsch and many others. There is in such furniture some authenticity, sincerity, refinement. The main trend of this time are dinner table and chairs made of ebony, where oak, birch, beech and walnut are more widely distributed. In the top of popular still remain budget options from chipboard, with MDF trim.

A tree is a natural, eco-friendly material that can create an atmosphere of peace, tranquility. Without it, no interior of modernity can do. The dinner table and chair will look amazing like in “bare” decor, and next to parquet from bamboo, olive, wooden furniture, wenge and other accessories.

With the correct processing of the wooden surface, products made of such material serve for a long time, do not lose the display form, withstand significant temperature changes, humidity, etc. A huge range of products will allow you to choose the right option exclusively for your kitchen.

Safe for health and life wooden modern dinner table appliances show high wear resistance, comfortable use and a wide range of dining table models. With proper coating, they show excellent resistance to increased humidity. Any pollution on them is practically not visible, which can not be said about glass or plastic dining table models. Buying a structure of wood veneer, particleboard or natural rocks, you will not encounter such problems as fungus and mold.

In a house with young children, a tree becomes an excellent choice because of its ecological compatibility. Manufacturers try to make such products safe. In the version with square seats, the corners are rounded, so that an awkward movement does not get a bruise, do not get scratched, do not hit.

Try to choose soft chairs with dining table with high-quality upholstery to feel like real kings at the dinner table. Start to rest right at dinner, without waiting for him after a hard working week to settle on a sofa or bed. In your home, you should feel comfort in every corner of it.

Criteria of choice

There are 2 main types of wooden modern chairs. They can be soft or hard. In the first case, filler is placed on a rigid structure. From above it is covered with a special upholstery, dense matter. The advantages of soft chairs are comfort, convenience, but care for such an object will have to be more carefully than for others.

Hard chair with dinner table, as a rule, is covered only with decorative or paint and varnish, it is produced without upholstery. Such dining table models are durable, but not comfortable enough during sitting.


A huge role in the selection is played by the size of the dining table models, their shape. So, round chairs with dining table are suitable for a loft room with a bar counter. Square products better fit in the classic and avant-garde interiors. Any design solutions will be excellent “satellites” of unusual directions, like kitsch, eclecticism, radical minimalism or cubism with correct geometric proportions.

Experts advise when choosing this headset proceed from the specifics of the room. It is best to choose dining table models with a well-washable surface. The main criteria for buying should be:

  • shape of the seat itself, in which the depth should not exceed 45 cm in the standard version;
  • strength of supporting parts, fixtures and other accessories (make sure that it does not move apart, it is foldable);
  • the height of the chair with dinner table should be such that the leg of the seated person bends at a right angle (also at a considerable height, for example, behind the bar, it is important to have a comfortable footrest);
  • the weight of the product, optimal for easy lifting, dragging, stacking.
For the small place you can buy a classic version with armrests, comfortable back. Also do not give up wooden stools. In this case, take care that they can be easily pushed under the dinner table. A bar stool with a foot stand will decorate the loft interior, minimal or high-tech style.

The smaller the area of ​​the house, the more functional dining table models it requires. So, it is worth paying attention to transformers, products with numerous modifications, which you can even hide in the cabinets if necessary. But the pouffes and chairs do not always fit well into the interior of the kitchen, only in some of its variants (seaside, rustic, province, tropics, Japanese, etc.).

Instead of a stool, you can, for example, use stumps with trimmings that stunningly decorate the style of rustic, bohemia, rustic or marine. The standard chair for the kitchen has the following elements: footrest, 4 support legs, textile or leather lining, comfortable back. Despite the fact that the seat can be made of solid wood, the backrest and legs are often made of metal. This gives a special charm.

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There is an enormous amount of stools, chairs and other seats for a dinner table designs, bar counter, etc. The optimum thickness of the legs is 25 x 25 mm. Products with a soft seat, the classic options are considered the most in demand among consumers. Designers take into account all the wishes of customers, creating not just a piece of furniture, but a real artistic masterpiece.

It is believed that a high-quality wooden modern chair designs is made of such types of wood as beech, pine, birch. Uncomplicated and treatable are all conifers. Moreover, they create an incredibly cozy atmosphere in the room, “give” special energy.

An ordinary chair with a soft or hard seat can be covered with eco-leather, velvet or velor. And you can make such a manipulation with the back and legs, including. As a filler, many dining table models come with foam rubber, asselex, spunbond, foamed polyurethane, etc. The most resilient and comfortable is assex, and ecological – spunbond.

Exquisite bar the dining table models are better to take with upholstery leather. Round, with an additional step, such chairs will decorate the kitchen space, the corporate style of your apartment, your house. Luxury designs with armrests, half-barrels and even a sofa will look luxurious. The latter is used mainly for the lounge zone in the corner of the kitchen. Wooden, it will also give an incredible sense of comfort to any guest.
Like a chair, the sofas can be folded, with high or low back. Their dinner table design should repeat any interior elements, for example, a picture of a kitchen apron, a pattern or texture of a floor covering, walls, curtains or curtains.

Folding chairs with a back are very popular. Firstly, they save a lot of the area, are ergonomic, functional. Secondly, can be transported from room to room. Third, the model-transformers made of wood are beautifully modified in a shelf for potted flowers, a miniature coffee table, a towel stand, napkins, etc.

Some models can additionally be equipped with metal hooks for the apron, textile things needed for the kitchen (potholders, rags, etc.). Do you want to compose the entourage of a Russian village hut or ranch in one of the American states? Or maybe you want to be in a small house in the Alpine valley? Try using a design chair to stylize the interior in the spirit of eco, provence, country, Britain, etc.

When choosing, give preference to authoritative European brands, hard or soft, low or high, as well as folding models.

Only if you are not fans of kitsch and eclectic styles, designers are advised to acquire laconic, strict and restrained models. They should become the accent of your kitchen, but not by its spot.

New trend in interior design is represented by chairs-transformers made of particle board, MDF, and also natural wood. Their number is so huge that they can simply run away. Before buying it is important to determine for what other purposes you are acquiring such a system. The modern kitchen set is incredibly functional, and products that can be modified, “adapted” to specific tasks and at all in weight of gold.

For a small kitchen, where there is nowhere to turn around, folding models will do. They are perfectly combined with cabinet furniture, they can transform themselves into almost anything: from a ladder to a floor cupboard for small items, like detergents, brooms, buckets or a stand for a mop.

Design solutions

With such products in the kitchen will be combined sofas-chesterfeldy, modern chairs, any kitchen apron and lamps. They will fit into the elegant classical interior, French chic with notes of brutality (for example, a wooden chair on forged, metal legs). With an unobtrusive detail of the interior, you will be able to turn your kitchen into an elegant “box”, real French Renaissance mansions or a cozy dacha in a rustic style. Fans of radical minimalism can also take advantage of a simple design technique, paint chairs from pine boards in white, giving the atmosphere futuristic, dynamic, fresh.

Walnut models are often chosen due to the fact that this material literally radiates warmth, comfort, has a pleasant shade and a beautiful texture. You can make a design yourself or trust a factory production. Very stylish look snow-white models in combination with multi-colored upholstery. They will add sophistication to any interior of the kitchen, give it the dynamics and ease.

In honor also – the color “cherry”, olive, sand and beige tonality. This piece of furniture should attract, tempt with shapes and a palette, but do not focus on yourself. A small dining table set only gives a mood to the general space, can make it narrower or wider, smaller or more spacious.

For a discreet interior in the style of hi-tech, minimalism is better to use beautiful wooden black chairs. They are perfectly combined with the white kitchens made in the color of ivory, champagne, etc. It will be interesting to look Viennese chairs in the style of shebbie-chic, botanical, boho-chic. It is best to give the effect of antiquity, some negligence left by the time. They are perfectly combined with other wooden furniture items (facades, tables, wooden doors and even walls).

It’s time to “settle” in your house a piece of Scandinavia, the East or the Wild West. The stool from a file of a tree in a special way “sounds” near to glass, metal, expensive textiles. A practical product in this case is better to create without a backrest, low. It is also suitable for children from the age of 4 years. Play the styles and spirit of different eras.

Designers invent the most unusual versions of chairs. But the products deserve special attention. It is filled with not only functionality and practicality, but also a deep design idea. In a wide range, you can look at models from natural wood for both adults and children.

Each stool is not just beautiful, it is made by the hands of a professional master. The Kaustby, Elmsta, Henriksdall and other lines are considered interesting. There are in the collections of models with exquisite covers or unusual weave on the back. Functional chairs are considered with armrests, bar options.

For lovers of exotics and Scandinavian currents, a white chair “Herrie” is suitable. All the glamor lies in its simple silhouette, which fits perfectly into any style of the interior.

Charming in small dinner table will look like models But the folding chair is not ashamed to put even in the attic, or balcony. When choosing a quality product, build on your own preferences and layout of the kitchen space, so as not to lose with the shape or size of the structure.

The tree has an important property – to adapt not only to the natural and climatic conditions, but also the “human” one. Your kitchen studio is not enough peace, comfort? Buy a couple of exquisite wooden dining table models from beech, pine or oak.


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