50 Mirror Frames Designs Make With Your Own Hands

Mirror in the frame, made by own hands, brings to the room an additional cosiness

Original frame for a mirror from a rope rope We live in the era of the formation and popularization of the author’s mirror frame design of any type of premises. It is no longer fashionable to trim standard apartments and household items. True chic is the presence in the room of objects made with their own hands – pots , vases, lamps and chandeliers. Well, the mirror in the beautiful frame, which was created by the owner of the house – this mirror frame is a real masterpiece!

Designer frame for the mirror with their own hands – the advantages of this mirror frame  design are obvious – you can choose the size of the frame and the mirror frame designs in accordance with the general style of the interior, and the mirror will not resonate with the surrounding environment, will become its integral part.

Mirror in the frame, made by own hands, brings to the room an additional cosines
Mirror in the frame, made by own hands, brings to the room an additional cosines
A creative idea – the frame is lined with small round mirrors

The decor of any piece of interior with their own hands is a game of imagination and imagination. But in this case it is very easy “to overdo it” and overdo it, being carried away by creativity. It is better to use one type of material for decorating and decorating the mirror. For example, if you decide to make a frame from the remnants of ceiling skirting boards , you do not need to add parts from another material to the mirror frame designs. They can be incompatible in structure, and they will be difficult to connect, and the design can turn out to be difficult. Frame for the mirror can be the usual design, and can be made and in the form of stucco from any improvised materials, in the form of a mosaic directly on the surface of the mirror itself. There are a lot of options for designing this subject and the most important thing is to choose one of the ways.

The frame of the mirror is covered with bright motley cloth
A great idea for an eco-style interior – a frame of plant twigs
Round frame for a mirror trimmed with beads and sequins

How to make a mirror frame Before you start working on the author’s frame for a mirror, you need to carefully think through all the steps, prepare everything you need during work – materials, accessories, tools, measure the mirror and, of course, sketch the future masterpiece. To create a sketch, you will need a pencil, an eraser, a ruler, a triangle and a template, a paper of the appropriate size. Drawing and drawing is better to create in full size and “in color”, so that you can “try it on the mirror.”

For work you will need a table and tools – a saw or a knife, nippers and a hammer, glue, paints, brushes, finishing elements (beads, shells, buttons, mosaic glass), if they are to be used, a construction stapler or small carnations. Small parts should be placed in containers so that they do not crumble and do not interfere with creation, and for brushes it is best to prepare a glass or a jar of solvent so that they do not dry up. we can also place on modern interior doors

Mirror frame with a painted – delicate and elegant

In the design studios you can see the mirror rims of the most unusual materials – clothespins, cutlery , spokes, inexpensive jewelry, tiles with images of family members, fragments of broken china, plastic, packages from discs, sweets or cigarettes, from pajetok and disposable spoons, newspaper or magazine paper, dried flowers. The flight of fantasy in how to decorate a mirror with your own hands is absolutely unlimited, if only the materials combined and looked harmonious with the interior of the room.

The frame for the mirror is made of large wooden sawdust
Simple and creative – a frame of multi-colored paper
Mirror in the exquisite frame – a bright highlight of the interior
For the manufacture of a mirror frame wooden pegs are used

Frame from the ceiling skirting

Very often after repairs in the house are pruning skirting, wallpaper and other finishing materials. Careful and creative owners never throw out this “garbage”, but create from it real masterpieces, which can be both boasted and proud. For example, the frame for the mirror from the ceiling skirting is very beautiful, and it is very easy to make it.

From the skirting, you need to prepare the frame parts in accordance with the size of the mirror frame. You can pre-attach the mirror to the base of plywood or thick cardboard. Attach the frame to the base much easier than to the glass surface. The frame details must correspond not only in size, the pattern on the skirting board must be adjusted so that the lines of one part smoothly pass into the lines of the other.

Carefully and accurately fit the frame to the mirror

After the glue is dry at the junction of the frame, it is necessary to cover it with putty to hide the glueing and “clarify” the pattern. After complete drying of the putty, you can start painting. There are a lot of ways to finish such a frame – you can select a pattern on the skirting board with a contrasting color, you can artificially age the frame with paint, and you can paint it in one color, in classical style .

Frame for the mirror from the ceiling skirting – simple and beautiful

Mosaic frame Creating a mosaic is an amazingly fascinating kind of needlework, art. A mosaic mirror frame for a refinement, uniqueness and practicality in “one bottle”. The advantages of this mirror design in the simplicity of work, low cost of materials, after all, you can create a mosaic even from the shards of broken dishes . To work fit and fragments of dishes, and fragments of tiles, jewelry, colored glass.

Mirror is attached to the base, it can be a sheet of plywood or chipboard. The base must be larger than the plane of the mirror. On the protruding part of the wooden base and the elements of the mosaic will be attached using glue and glue gun.

The process of manufacturing a mosaic frame for a mirror

In addition to a special pistol, mites will be needed to form the parts of the mosaic, and a special grout that will fill the gaps between the fragments. Just need a spatula to apply the grout, a soft sponge to remove its traces from the surface of the frame, and, of course – a fantasy and a little patience

The frame for the mirror is tiled with a mosaic – elegantly and stylishly
The mosaic is made of pieces of a mirror frame design- gracefully and gently

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