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clothes hangers stands

An indispensable element of the interior is a hanger. With this subject, we come across from the street into the room. Today there are many varieties of such products. They are built into the closet clothes hanger stands, hung on the wall, put on the floor. Clothes stands can easily be rearranged to the right place, floor products can be an independent piece of furniture.

If there was no design for storing outer clothing, people would fold their coats and jackets on the shelf, after folding things. Clothing would be unpresentable, so this element is difficult to overestimate. Interesting design and convenience make these items popular. Such products are purchased for the hallway, verandahs, put in the bedroom and bathroom. As the Clothes, hangers use structures in the form of a tree, letters of the alphabet, interesting figures, etc. Hangers complement the interior, it acquires a complete look.


Entering the room, a person immediately takes off his outer clothing. The removed things are hung in the closet, on the wall hooks, floor models are used for this purpose. You have open access to the desired wardrobe item placed on it. When clothes are placed in a closet, you have to spend time searching for the right thing. Coat on the floor clothes hanger will not have to look, it’s insight. The cabinet takes up more space than the floor structure. Not all hallways have a place for its installation, so the preferred option is a floor product.

Advantages of such interior items:

  • Mobility is an important plus since the Clothes stands can easily be moved at any time to another place.
  • Wall products are attached to the wall, with damage to the coating. When dismantling it is necessary to do a repair of the surface. This will not happen with the floor option. If you changed the situation in the room and the clothes hanger is no longer needed, it can easily be taken to the utility room.
  • A rich model range makes it possible to choose an object for any style of interior.
  • Capacity. On the Clothes hanger stands, you can put a lot of things around, which is convenient if guests come to you.

On this device, clothes stand weigh freely, some models are completed with shoulders, on which the wardrobe articles are placed. If the clothing has become wet and should be dried, then carefully hang it and move it to a source of heat.


Depending on the material fabrication Clothes hanger stands are as follows:

  • The metal structure has an impressive weight and excellent stability. Perform such products from chrome-plated aluminum, painted in different colors. It is roomy, it will accommodate many things, it is indispensable if guests come to you. Simple tools color in a variety of colors.
  • Forged products will become a unique decoration of the veranda or hallway. They are stable, convenient and practical. Such a product will revive the interior, bring it into chic.
  • Wooden clothes hanger stands models look great in the hallway. They are made from different types of trees. From such material, strong and durable products are obtained. The wooden construction is appropriate in the classical interior and in the fashionable loft. It will complement the interior in the style of country. This option is suitable for an entrance hall decorated with natural materials.
  • Plastic clothes stands models are light, are inexpensive, but with a lot of things on them, they can fall.


Choose the right option for the office, home, cafe. There are many original models for interior tasks on sale. Unique products are created by designers under the order, in that case, they perfectly fit into the situation of the home.

Variety of models

A huge selection of such items allows you to choose a good option for a specific design. There are many varieties of floor clothes hangers stands.

Clothes Hanger-tripod Stand is a tripod with hooks, they are often completed with additional hooks for bags, a horizontal hoop for umbrellas. The bottom is made of the type of tripod or with a flat base. This convenient design will solve the problem with a lot of things in the hallway. It is convenient to hang jackets, coats and other things on it.

The model in the form of a chair with a high back allows you to change shoes, sitting on it. She has a shelf for shoes, a bar with hooks for clothes stands. This is a convenient option, especially if the apartment has an elderly person or small children. There are folding models that can be hung in the closet. This original and functional object will become the highlight of the hallway interior.

The Clothes rack hanger has a U-shape. The crossbeam is completed with hooks or is intended for placing clothes on shoulders. This product is put in the dressing room. Your things will not fade, they will have an impeccable look. A good option is a model with an umbrella Clothes stand, shelves or special holders for hats.

The basket Clothes hanger stand has a base made in the form of a basket. It stores umbrellas, slippers, other things. It is indispensable in your home but takes up more space than the previous version.

Suit model is convenient for storing trousers and jackets. It is also suitable for a dressing room. To support the suit in a neat condition will help the outdoor clothes hanger. It will be a perfect complement to the cabinet, and your jacket will always be in perfect condition. Such a thing is necessary not only for men’s suits and ties. On the product can be hung and women’s things: a cardigan, a shawl, a coat.

Non-standard models of hanger Stand

They combined functionality and beauty. Unusual products became fashionable back in the 70s of last century in Italy. Scandinavian designers once invented hangers in the form of trees, which look great in the interior. If there is a desire and an area, then it is possible to place several such ornamental trees at the entrance. Today in the interiors there are hangers in the form of flowers, abstract products, etc. In the fashion mobile objects. Products on wheels are used in offices, as they are easy to move. But they can be a wonderful addition to the home environment.

Products with a special adjustment system allow you to change the height. A system made from a standard clothes stand will make a comfortable design for children. This is especially true when many children are invited to the house for a celebration. Geometric structures of chrome-plated metal, original models in the form of art objects are available to everyone. Acquiring a bright design, focus on it. Owners of spacious apartments and country houses can safely choose a bizarre model that will become an original piece of the interior. See your Dream house Designs

Choosing a clothes Stands

Doing without a hanger is difficult, in an apartment, a country house, an office, it is necessary. The appearance of the hallway depends on it. The hanger should be in harmony with the interior and accommodate all necessary clothing. For an apartment, it’s better to stay on a floor compact product. Floor hangers are often of questionable stability, so when selecting, you need to consider for what things it will be used. There are many interesting items on sale, of which it is easy to choose a quality, stable and safe model.

The choice of the Clothes hanger depends on the design of the room, you can buy a product from the precious wood of different shades or stop at a simpler version. Clothes Hangers have hooks that are made of wood, metal, plastic. Products with metal hooks are stronger, they will serve regularly for a long time. It should be considered where the object will be.

Clothes Hanger Stands with own hands

Build such an interior with an old floor lamp. For this, the lampshade and wire are removed, hooks are attached to the tripod. If a tree grows on the plot or dacha, which does not bear fruit for a long time, then use it for the clothes hanger stands. The plant is cut down, the branches are removed. The bark is removed, if left, it will begin to fall over time, and things will cling to its irregularities. After cleaning the tree, you need to walk on it with sandpaper. Then the structure is fixed to the base.

The item for storing clothes stands should not have sharp parts, so as not to damage the floor, things. It must have a stable, aesthetic appearance, reliability. Stability is provided by the base, which is made in the form of a circle, crosses. The center of gravity is located as low as possible. To do this, use heavy bars, metal parts. Installation of the product on three support points is necessary for the stability of the structure. The bottom of the clothes hanger is clogged with a material that is softer than the floor covering. This will not leave any marks on the floor. To make the product functionality, hooks are attached to it.

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