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This small accessory is not such a useless thing, as it may seem at first glance. Often many people open interior or entrance doors from all over. Sometimes this can lead to unpleasant consequences. For example, someone put an expensive glass vase behind the door, or a child hid behind it. In addition, the handle. The decorative door stopper is a necessary accessory. It allows you to keep an attractive view of the door and the wall.

Assignment of Limiters

There are a huge number of situations that require the presence of such a door stopper. So, the door is fixed to exclude its independent opening or closing. This is very important in families with young children. Children by carelessness and inexperience can get injuries of varying severity, bruises, cuts, pinching of fingers from the door, which suddenly slammed shut because of a draft.

Another situation where without a door opener is simply not enough – a large number of people who must enter the room, which is even more relevant if the door is the entrance.

Where door stopper is used

Often, these small details of interior door topper hardware can be found in office buildings, shopping centers, office buildings, restaurants, and of course, in residential apartments. The decorative door stopper is relevant everywhere, where doors are used often and in different ways.

Limit Features

Apparently, this is a fairly simple device, but it is used almost everywhere. This can be very simply explained. This part performs simple, but nevertheless, very important functions.

So, the decorative door stopper can keep the leaf open, protects furniture from mechanical damage due to strokes of the door handle when opening sharply. Also, with these parts, you can use the doorway as an additional light source. Another function is fixing the leaf to a certain angle. The magnitude of this angle can be different. This is actual if it is necessary to carry through aperture any large-sized object.

n addition, the product is almost indispensable for double metal door constructions, which serve as the entrance group in country dream houses. It is also believed that the element can provide anti-burglary protection. In addition to practical functions, these details are also solved by decorative tasks. There is a wide range of these products in a variety of shapes and colors. You can pick up a unique specimen that will perform useful functions and decorate or complement the interiors of the home.


There is a certain classification of limiters. This will facilitate the purchase of such products in the store because thanks to it you can easily explain to the consultants what exactly you need.

These products are classified as follows. So, in the place of installation distinguish floor, overhead, as well as wall parts. According to the principle of action, the elements differ in magnetic, mechanical and simple.

If you know the information about the types and functional features of each product, you can easily select a retainer. To understand what is needed, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the types of door opening limiters.

Fixators for floor mounting

These elements are mounted directly on the floor. These fixatives are produced in various variations. Some models are able to hold the canvas only in the given position, while others do not allow the door to swing open, thus protecting the walls or furniture.

Stationery products are manufactured in the form of a magnetic door stopper and a stop. The retainer with the magnetic system is two structural elements. This is a small metal plate, which must be fixed in the lower part of the door leaf and directly the magnet itself. It is fixed in the place where it is necessary to stop the door. When the web opens, the magnet attracts the plate and holds the structure securely.

The simplest floor products, which are designed to work with interior doors, are made for other tasks. These details do not fix the door, but simply do not allow the canvas to open wider than necessary.

Mobile elements for fixing the door leaf are also produced in several types. The simplest floor restraint for the interior door looks like a door stopper wedge with a rough base. Many items of this kind resemble toys or various figurines. Another kind is a stopper, which is put on the bottom end of the door leaf. The feature of this product is non-slip feet, thanks to which the web is securely held in the required position.

In addition to design features, each retainer and limiter differ in design. Today, it is not difficult to choose such a detail, which will be in harmony with the door leaf, the wall, and the floor.

Wall mounts

All those supports for wall mounting, which can be found in building stores, can also be divided into two types. These are devices that limit the opening angle and the mechanisms that limit the slamming of the door.

Elements that are of the first type are fixed to the wall using various fastening elements. These devices reliably protect the surface of the wall and any interior objects near the canvas from a mechanical shock.

Such products can also be door stopper magnetic or ordinary. Installation is recommended to be done when the owners of suburban houses or cottages do not want to spoil the expensive flooring. Moreover, floor locks cannot be installed if heated floors are installed in the room.

More functions have a wall door stopper for the interior or any other door, which is fixed on the top of the clypeus. When it is in non-working condition, it does not prevent the canvas from closing. But just turn the device 90 degrees and it will not let the canvas close completely.

Other types of limiters

Door stoppers are a very important detail. But the restraint for furniture doors is as important as it is. It helps to prevent unnecessary opening of the sash, which can damage the door stopper hinges, body, adjacent doors, walls. If you make the right choice of this product, you can significantly protect your home and life.

The door stopper, designed for door handles, is able to restrict access to the room without the use of any locking mechanisms. There are two types of execution of such door accessories.

The first kind is a mechanical latch. The special handle has a special latch that can lock the door as well as the lock. The second type is a magnetic door stopper. Such systems are used for doors in toilets and bathrooms, parent bedrooms and other premises. In the device of these products, there is a special rotary button. It helps to secure the doors.


The cost of a door. The price primarily depends on the materials that were used in the production.

Among the most popular are steel, various steel alloys, plastic, aluminum, wood. The more expensive the material, the more durable the product will become, and the longer the service life will be. In addition, the reliability of the design significantly increases the quality of the material. This is true for all products except for doors. The decorative door stopper is made of soft materials. Here the quality material is elastic.

Which material to choose depends not on taste. If the family has children, then the best option is plastic products or rubber. If the door leaf is massive, then it is better to use metal accessories. It is also better to install a door stopper made of metal for the front door. Wall fixatives should be mostly soft.

Magnetic systems will be relevant if it is necessary to firmly fix the canvas in the open state. The magnetization force, in this case, depends on the weight of the web.

The decorative door stopper is very useful and practical products. They protect the walls and furniture, in addition, you can not worry about children’s fingers or pets.

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