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Before the modern designer, there are no barriers in terms of implementing his most daring decisions and fantasies. The experience of generations in combination with advanced technologies allows using skills and techniques for creating unique design projects. Decorative Wall painting is one of the most original and multi-faceted design techniques for creating a truly unique interior. At the same time, today, the Modern wall painting designs is understood not only the use of classical techniques for creating complex, multi-layered compositions, such as screen printing, drawing prints and other street art methods. decorative Wall art design is able to radically change the image of your home without using any structural re-planning. Create an accent or highlight the most winning area, visually change the parameters of the room or disguise the unsuccessful architectural features or flaws in the finish – with all these tasks, Decorative wall painting is able to cope with “excellent”. We invite you to get acquainted with our large selection of design projects of various premises in which the decorative wall art designs technique was used and inspired by your own accomplishments.

Features of designer reception

First of all, it is necessary to determine what is currently understood by such a design method as “decorative wall painting”. The most ancient art, taking its origins from the Egyptian and Sumerian civilization, has not lost popularity in our days. But, of course, not only the techniques and materials used to create images on the decorative walls art have undergone changes with the course of history – the very principle of decorating the dwelling (and public buildings) has changed radically. In our time, artists (designers) do not need to leave messages to descendants in the form of murals, this method is used exclusively for decorative purposes. for decorative wall hangers.

Many homeowners who plan to repair a small alteration in their homes believe that there is no point in wasting time and money on creating a decorative wall art designs because there are enough incredibly realistic photo wallpapers with high-quality images. And partly they are right – to find a suitable story in the store on the photo wallpaper will not be difficult. But the interior created with their help will not be unique, will not bear a part of the artist’s warmth. And in case you yourself make a decorative wall painting designs, then your individual look at the aesthetics, the way to decorate your own home.

Today, to paint walls in the interior is available an incredibly wide range of themes and stylistic solutions. With the help of modern materials and an individual view of the artist (which you can appear), you can create unique masterpieces – from traditional frescoes to graffiti.

Of course, the following criteria will influence the choice of the theme and the color palette of the image on the wall:

  • belonging of the room (if in the children’s room it is logical to depict the cartoon and fairy-tale heroes, the living room or bedroom, the landscape or abstraction will look spectacular, then in the dining room you can portray bright fruits, berries – for raising appetite);
  • the size of the room and its layout (the number and location of doorways and cavities);
  • the arrangement of the room with respect to the sides of the light and, as a consequence, the level of natural illumination;
  • style of execution of the interior (it would be strange to depict a classic fresco in a room with a modern design and graphic handprints of family members as a composition in a room with traditional stylistics);
  • Your personal preferences in the style of image execution and the choice of color solutions.


Decorative Wall painting in the interior

In order to navigate the entire variety of themes for painting the walls of a modern dwelling (we omit the options for creating images for public buildings), it is necessary to at least superficially acquainted with the stylistic solutions.

Classical direction. Classic in the interior will never go out of fashion. It is not by chance that this trend in the design of spaces is considered traditional – the harmony of shapes and lines, color combinations, and materials. In decorative wall painting art, this is most often reflected in the image of the ideal landscape – it is as realistic as it is the reflection of the dream of the “golden age”. Choosing a classic style for modern walls art designs, you leave behind banality and monotony. It’s amazing, but nowadays the classic in decorative wall painting designs looks more relevant than hi-tech, minimalism or loft. That is characteristic, for execution of a list in a classical style it is possible to use the advanced materials and receptions.

Baroque and Empire. These are two opposite lines in the development of classicism. If Baroque seeks a demonstration of luxury, extensive decoration, then the Empire tries to join laconism, the use of simple solutions. Both directions are relevant for use in the painting of residential spaces. But much depends on the overall stylistics of the interior design, the size of the premises and so to speak the general scope.

Modern or Art Nouveau. This style of painting is easy to recognize – the predominance of “lush”, “living” and literally “breathing” forms. A characteristic feature is the use of a compound ornamental flower pattern with a predominance of wavy lines. The color palette mainly consists of natural shades, bright, screaming tones are used extremely rarely.

Japanese style. Currently, the Japanese style when painting walls are manifested not only in applying traditional oriental landscapes, images of cherry trees or small courtyards with a characteristic landscape design. The Japanese style in the decorative wall painting designs is also an anime, full of details, characteristic attributes, allowing even a person ignorant to unmistakably recognize the handwriting of this hobby that conquered many people. In our country, plant motifs, images of landscapes, and sometimes fragments of eastern nature became more widespread.

Minimalism and primitivism. The name speaks for itself – to express the artist’s thoughts, a minimal set of color combinations, lines and shapes is used. It can be just one strip or figure, executed in contrasting color, but thanks to the balance, the drawing becomes a symbol of the designer’s imagination.

Wall painting a decorative component in various rooms

In addition to the obvious decorative component, decorative wall painting art can have quite specific functional purposes. For example, with the help of modern wall painting, you can visually change the architecture of the room – make it wider, “deeper”, “raise” the ceiling or even “erase” the boundaries of space. decorative Wall art designs can also act as a zoning element, delineating the functional segments of a combined room. Wall images can focus on a particular area of the room, highlighting the most advantageous elements of the interior, “pulling” attention from unsuccessful.

Children’s room

At present, the undisputed leader in the creation of modern wall painting designs is the interior of the children’s room. And it is not surprising – it is for the child that we want to create an amazing world in which it will be interesting for him not only to sleep, play and spend time but also to develop, to gain new knowledge and skills. And everyone knows that any knowledge is perceived by children much easier and easier if served in a game form. With the help of decorative wall painting designs, you can create any of the variants of fairy-tale worlds. Of course, there are wallpapers and interior stickers that will cost a lot cheaper, but, firstly, it is not always possible to find decorative material suitable for the subject, interesting to the child, and secondly – hand painting the wall will always be in the first place by exclusivity, and artistry.

Living room

Decorative Wall painting designs in the living room will create not only the highlight of the interior, enhance the exclusivity of the premises, but also create a certain accentuation. At the same time, this design technique is relevant for both small rooms and spacious living rooms, in which several functional segments are connected. But the dimensions of space, of course, must be taken into account when choosing an image to create an artistic painting.


Most often for sleeping rooms choose a romantic style of execution of drawing on the walls. Most of us try to create the most relaxing and soothing atmosphere in the room for sleep and rest. Therefore, gentle shades in the image of floral motifs or light landscapes become a central theme in the interior of the bedroom.

Techniques used in creating the murals on the walls

Modern designers have almost no restrictions in the choice of techniques for creating decorative wall painting designs. To their services and the experience of generations, and modern materials and tools at hand. The image can be applied both on a perfectly smooth surface and on a textured surface – the weight depends on the goal. Most often when creating images on the walls of modern artists use:

  • oil
  • acrylic
  • fluorescent paints.

A very popular tool for creating an original wall mural is an airbrush – on an ideally flat surface, you can create a drawing without traces of smears and abrupt transitions between color solutions. Consider the most popular techniques used to paint walls in modern homes.


Quite popular technology at the moment. If to translate this expression literally, it turns out “I write with air”. Air and truth play an important role in the use of a tool for airbrushing – the airbrush. With the help of compressed air, the paint is sprayed onto the previously prepared surface. The images are light, literally airy with subtle color transitions.


The oldest technique, based on the painting on raw plaster, is relevant at all times. The characteristic texture of this technique is recognizable in any version. The resulting image has a high wear resistance – not without reason many of the oldest frescoes have survived to this day. At present, the technique of fresco is used both for creating samples of modern painting, and for imitating ancient wall images (for this purpose one resorts to an artificial aging of the surface, patting).

Painting with fluorescent paints

It’s easy to guess that the technique is based on the use of fluorescent inks that glow in the dark. A unique image can be created with the help of various color solutions of these special paints. But the technique was most widely used to decorate the ceiling in the form of a starry sky. In addition to the fantastic effect, a feeling of dimensionless space is created.

Volumetric painting

Using volumetric painting, you can visually erase the boundaries of the room, make the ceiling “higher”, and the room “wider”. Of course, the design features of the room does not affect the painting, but visually creates the effect of some curvature of the volume of space. Designers like to portray stairs that go into the distance and seem to have no end or open windows, behind which a beautiful landscape opens.

Use of stencils

For those who wish to prove themselves from the artistic side, literally “leave an imprint” on the decorative wall art designs of their own home, screen printing is an ideal way. It does not require special skills because it is based on applying images using ready-made stencils, which you can create yourself or buy in a store.

Painting with acrylic paints

The use of acrylic paints is incredibly popular now and is due to a number of advantages of these materials for drawing images on a wide variety of surfaces:

  • quick drying;
  • the absence of smell;
  • high ecological compatibility;
  • ease of application;
  • The possibility of using on surfaces with different texture and texture;
  • resistance to ultraviolet light.

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