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Decorative wall art design in the interior can transform the trivial appearance of the house into a picturesque art space, decorated with black and white colors and drawings with interesting subjects. The use of illustrations in the interior creates expressive focal points and visually changes the structure of the living space.

The original solution for decorating the workspace with graphic drawings on the entire wall
Dream catcher above the head of the bed in the bedroom in soft cream tones
A very fresh solution for decorating the dining area, despite the advantage of black and white gamma, bright yellowish accents dilute the monochrome interior a very fresh solution for decorating the dining area, despite the advantage of black and white gamma, bright yellowish accents dilute the monochrome interior

The role of graphic art in the interior

Graphic drawings from time immemorial decorated the dwelling of a man, giving his appearance unique features. Many artists for drawing paintings on canvases and illustrations on the wall art actively used carbon sticks and slate pencils.

Picturesque objects of art, found in the interior, magnetically attract the eyes of others, admiring the fineness of the performance and trying to unravel the plot of the painted composition. Therefore, drawings depicted on accent walls, ceilings, furniture and other furnishing details are a popular way of highlighting the central components of the interior picture, an effective method of integrating functional zones and space into a single whole.

Large studio room of a spacious apartment in gray tones. Spotlight – a large voluminous abstraction on the wall above the sofa, which maintains the general mood of the room

From the point of view of designers, the graphics on the walls in the interior, decorated with achromatic colors, are ideal for finishing offices, home offices, libraries and other parts of the house where the environment that has a working or intellectual leisure needs to prevail. A neutral palette of colors promotes engaging in creativity and fruitful activity since a calm range of colors does not irritate and does not distract attention from performing certain tasks.

Despite the limited choice of colors for drawing, according to A. Behr, “graphics – this is a special world of expressive possibilities, where black, white and gray color interacts among themselves in an infinite number of options.” With the German artist, it’s hard not to agree, because black and white drawings can bring a touch of novelty to the interior, solve a lot of design problems.

to simulate the asymmetric configuration of living quarters – visually increase the height of the ceiling with the wall decoration with a vertical image moving to the ceiling, reduce the length of the high wall by displaying several parallel horizontal blacks and white lines drawn in the middle of the wall along the perimeter of the room.

blur the expressive line between the elements of a black and white bathroom, kitchen or other living quarters.

create a unique furniture design by applying monochrome images to the upholstery of the sofa or the facade of the closet.

  • to emphasize the characteristic features of modern wall art design trends – high-tech and modern.
  • dilute the bright palette of colors of the interior, executed in the manner of pop artboho or kitsch.

transform the appearance of interior details or create a unique decor – draw a dial on the wall with ornate patterns or a strict geometric outline, decorate flowerpots or vases with ornaments that harmoniously match the prints used in the interior.

The art of making magnificent compositions with the help of achromatic colors is possessed by units of hyperrealists who thoroughly know the rules of the play of light and shadow. Among them are the names of world-famous masters of pictorial art: Stefan de Krook, Matthias Adolfsson, Sandra Javad, Diego Fazio, George Nova, Caesar Del Val, Linda Haber. Reproductions of their paintings, depicted by a slate pencil, are often used for auto-tuning, decorating the walls of public institutions and homes, where monochrome tones are used as the primary colors of the interior wall art design palette.

Portraits, images of animals, philosophical plot lines, narrating about global problems of mankind, black and white bands of life, abstractions that require the solution of the artist’s intentions will definitely become the main sights of the house, emphasizing the respect of the masters of fine art in graphics execution.

A sketch of a black and white drawing can be used as a template for creating a wall art design of wallpaper, decor of mirror facades, stretch ceilings, a panel of ceramic tiles or modular paintings.

Graphics in the interior: rules of use

To avoid creating a dull atmosphere in rooms dominated by black and white compositions, you need to choose the right place for the picture. Graphics in the interior presentable on a neutral background, due to the decoration of snow-white, pastel light blue, beige or pearl tone. Having chosen such an original way of decorating the inner shell of housing, it is worth remembering the rules for the use of a graphic composition.

In spacious rooms, the volumetric graphics in the interior look good, the photo of which should be selected in the process of creating a wall art design project. With the help of 3D-visualization of the interior, many nuances of the choice of graphic illustrations can be visually appreciated: to assess the proportional and balanced combination of color and graduation, to choose the dominant color that connects all other tones, to reduce or increase the tonal saturation, to choose the optimum scale for the picture .

In small rooms, organically look black and white ornaments, patterns and ethnic motifs. For example, the mandala graphics in the interior can fill the atmosphere with notes of mystery and sacred magic. The most suitable for the interior, decorated with graphic drawings with geometric components, will be a schematic ornament of Sri-yantra with a frame made up of rectangular elements.

In representative areas of the house, it is worthwhile to use for illustrating the decorative wall art of an illustration with a dynamic character creating the illusion of movement: a graphic depicting a car driving at high speed, breaking through the space of a rocket, airliner or airplane. This will create an energetic emotional atmosphere, charging the driving mood of those around them during the long-awaited meetings with the guests.

Lounge zones should be decorated with static black and white drawings without sharp edges and curved lines. Graphics with streamlined outlines and gradual transitions of tones adjust to peace of mind and measured rest.

The accent wall art should be decorated with symmetrical compositions, allowing to fully view each part of the graphics drawing.

To highlight the picturesque composition, it is worthwhile to supplement it with LED lighting or spots aimed at the main dominant picture of the interior.

To a bright illustration, decorated with sharply contrasting black and white tones, organically looked on the background of the interior with a neutral palette, you should combine it with mirror panels or chrome-plated metal wall art panels that can reflect the graphic pattern.

With the help of graphic compositions, it is possible to place objects of admiration on the wall art design of the house, acting as a connecting link between parts of space, reflecting the canons of different interior genres. For example, combine the colorful Provence with the aesthetics of the Mediterranean style with black and white impregnations depicting natural motifs and diluting the bright palette of colors.

Therefore, you can confidently trust personal aesthetic taste in the process of transforming the environment, with confidence to paint the wall art design of the house without fear of putting the blob in a prominent place, as the modern wall art design direction welcomes man-made, simplicity and non-ideal forms in any manifestation.

Variations of graphic compositions

Graphics in the interior can be represented in different ways:

In the form of a bright figure, executed in the technique of airbrushing. With the help of an airbrush master, you can apply any image to a metal, glass, wooden designs panel or perfectly even plastered wall art design. Due to the skillful combination of black and white colors, professionals create amazingly beautiful graphics drawings, from which it is difficult to look at another detail of the situation. Therefore, to the surrounding interior objects do not fade against the background of dynamic images, it is necessary to supplement the composition with chords in the form of red-white or yellow-black upholstery of seats, curtains of green or blue color involuntarily distracting attention from flawlessly executed graphics on the decorative wall art design.

In the form of paintings or frescoes, decorated with achromatic paints. A unique technology for applying black and white images on a decorative wall art design covered with a thick layer of gesso (ground base). This material is used by icon painters. It radiates a barely perceptible glow from the inside, bewitching with a gleam. Such an original kind of graphics will effectively look in interiors filled with notes of delectable antiquity and genuine luxury: in houses dominated by the aesthetics of vintage, classics, art deco, gothic.

In the form of all sorts of inscriptions reflecting the fundamentals of the lettering (the art of creating drawings with the help of letters written in calligraphic handwriting). Slogans with a positive meaning, vital mottos or quotes of idols organically look on the wall arts, painted with monophonic color. The huge advantage of using this kind of graphics in the interior – the ability to easily modify the decoration of the walls.

In the form of drawings transferred to the decorative wall art with the help of stencils. With the task of drawing a graphic illustration, anyone who wants to dilute the boring appearance of housing with bright images or inscriptions will be able to cope. To do this, you can choose stencils with a pattern or slogan that appeals to the aesthetics of the interior genre, attach the template to the wall art with a double-sided scotch and decorate with alternating use of quick-drying black, white and gray paint in cans.

In the form of a mat, which you can do with your own hands. In a white frame of wood, plastic or cardboard, you can put black and white paintings of your favorite painters, printed on the printer, or touching and evocative children’s drawings. The original graphics in the interior of the surrounding will cause no less enthusiasm than the original of the great artist.

In the form of newspaper pages placed inside glass tabletops of a wooden dinner table or kitchen set. An organic addition will be the wall art design of the kitchen apron with catchy wallpaper with a newspaper print. Such a non-trivial decoration of the kitchen impresses the interior with the aesthetics of the English style, retro style, and pop art.

Graphics in the interior in any hypostasis, whether it’s a beautiful black and white picture with an intricate storyline, placed in the living room, or comics depicted on the wallpaper of a teen’s room, always look catchy and evoke interest among others. Therefore, safely introduce fashionable art objects into the look of a house that will attract visitors with a non-trivial approach to decorating and skill with wall art designer’s to fit into the interior graphic compositions often found in everyday life: on posters, black and white photographs, book spreads, newspapers, advertising banners, and signboards.

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