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wall hooks or wall hanger

Wall hangers are needed in order to temporarily store clothes. Also, it should be a decoration of the interior. Many corridors and small hallways are too small to accommodate a full-fledged cabinet. It will help to replace them with a simple and irreplaceable clothes hanger on the wall.


The footage of the hallways in the apartments is different, but the invariable subject for each is wall hooks. Even in the interiors of large hallways equipped with wardrobes for outerwear, it is necessary to have wall hangers in case of bad weather or a visit of a large number of guests. The wall hooks are used at a certain time of the year, and the empty, faceless hooks sticking out in the summer is not a very aesthetic sight. Wall clothes hanger in the hallway with their own hands – simple work with pleasure from the result!


The wall hooks in the hallway of the Mz tree is a very practical element of the interior, which solves many problems and has a number of advantages:

  • rational temporary storage of outer clothing – where it can dry and air;
  • the coat hanger on the wall occupies the minimum amount of space compared to the hanger-rack, does not clutter the room;
  • the presence of additional elements, for example, bedside tables and shoemaking it more functional;
  • a variety of models makes it possible to fit them into different in style rooms;
  • hooks are located from one to several levels, on the lower hooks you can hang children’s clothes, and you can bag and umbrellas;
  • relatively low cost;
  • can withstand heavy men’s coats;
  • does not require special care.

Of the minuses, it can be noted only that the wall hangers is not mobile. It can not be rearranged to another corner. If you still need to move the Wall HOOKs, this can only be done during the repair process.

From the material that is used in furniture production, its convenience and aesthetics often depend. The most common products are made from wood. Such furniture attracts ecological compatibility, it differs with warmth and energy of natural wood. The product is nice to the touch, has a special texture and excellent aesthetic qualities.

The design of wood products is diverse – from classics to modern minimalism. The most common are wall hangers made of such breeds as beech, birch, pine, alder, ash. Sometimes for decorative elements use plastic, rubber or metal, they are added to a wooden base. Combined wall hangers are the most in demand.


The most common combination is a wooden base with decorative wall hooks made of metal. Budget options are characterized by the presence of plastic elements in addition to the tree. Extend the life of natural wood can be by treatment with special compounds, and this task can perform coloring, varnishing or aging. As a decor of elite varieties of wood, varnish, carving, and a complex form of details are used

Furniture made of natural wood is elegant, it fits in the entrance hall with a floor of parquet or laminate. Such a hanger will be in harmony with other wooden furniture.


A huge variety of suspended wall hangers makes it possible to choose the appropriate option for each particular case. This is a different length (from 30 cm to 2 meters) and the most diverse form. Traditionally, the decorative wall hooks design has a bar to which hooks are attached. Planks can be hung vertically or horizontally. Products vary in appearance, material, equipment. There are multi-tiered wall hangers, as well as with a linear arrangement of hooks.


Vertical Wall Hangers

Vertical structures visually increase the height of the ceiling. In shape, there are straight, curved, rounded models. A similar construction is made of small-width slats, as well as a solid shield. The functional component is improved by the presence of a shelf on top for hats and scarves.



Horizontal Wall Hooks

Horizontal wall hooks can be placed in a secluded corner of a small hallway. The option visually expands the wall space. As a basis – a rectangular board with hooks, but there are also more interesting shapes.


With a Nightstand

Wall hangers with a curbstone is ideal for a small hallway where it is impossible to place a cabinet. Structurally it is a panel with wall hooks, which at the bottom rests on a bedside table, which can be used to place necessary trifles, as well as means for the care of shoes, handbags, and umbrellas.

This model is ideal for a small-sized hall. On top of the nightstand, an additional shelf surface is formed, for example, for keys and a telephone. Inside it has shelves with modern doors. There are options for a suspended nightstand that is attached to the wall, another option may have legs. Models without legs soar in the air, so space seems airier and not cluttered.


With Shoe

With the help of wall hangers with a shoe, you can maintain order in the hallway and save space, since you will not need additional shoe shelves. The niches of a shoe can be open or closed, there is a great number of pairs of shoes. To quickly find the right model, the shoe is equipped with a swivel mechanism. For more convenience, the set includes a soft banquet.


Wall Hooks With A Mirror

Mirror – an integral object in the hallway. Models of wall hooks with a mirror and a shelf are very functional and also help increase space. On the shelf, you can store various accessories, and in the mirror, you can look before going out.



Various models of hangers can support any stylistics:

  • For a classic hallway design, the wooden hanger for coat has a laconic decor. Classics are characterized by a reception when the bar is covered with leather or leatherette. As a material of classical models uses an array of expensive wood species. The decorative wall hooks for coats can look like a large panel or several vertical bars. The main decorative wall hangers element is, in this case, the natural beauty of the tree itself, which must be emphasized with the help of lacquer. A presentable appearance of the hanger will be added by hooks under bronze or with golden sputtering.

  • There are interesting images that are used in country and ethnic style, eco-style is gaining popularity. Common products are decorative wall hooks in the form of branches of trees and trunks with knots, as well as deer antlers. The traditional decorative element can be horns carved from wood.

  • For the style of Provence, decorators use the technique of decoupage. In this way, you can decorate the wooden bar of the wall hooks, as prints on which it is possible to use floral motifs or pictures from rural life.

  • Modern styles are famous for experiments. There is a huge variety of forms. Designer plastic wall hooks are designed to emphasize the originality of the hallway interior. All sorts of silhouettes, unusual shapes, and complex designs – the more unique the furniture, the more comfortable the interior of the room will be.

  • Scandinavian direction and minimalism use almost any model. The main requirement – accuracy and small size, as well as a complete lack of decorative elements.

Design items

Original design solutions can change the impression of an unsightly and small hallway.

An extremely simple and very original idea – with curved hooks. Designer clothes single wall hook on the wall is made of wooden slats, it looks like a panel with vertical stripes. Hooks are made in one plane with the body. In order to hang a coat, the desired hook is bent, then when it is not needed it is compared again with the surface of the case.

A uniquely unique piece of furniture to perform independently, because always in demand unusual forms of decorative wall hooks. Branches of trees of interesting shape, varnished, look organic in the interior.

That only do not use and do not advise designers for a design of a single wall hooks in a vestibule. In addition to branches and bitches of trees popular in modern interiors, you can use various models of intricate shapes: a paintbrush, a hat, a pencil, a wooden fence, clothespins, even forks, and spoons.


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