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clothes anger racks stands

Entering the house, office, theater, hospital, a person has a need to remove the outer clothing, and, therefore, he will have to leave it somewhere, and preferably not throwing on a chair, and gently hanging clothes racks. In this aspect, the outdoor coats rack stands becomes an indispensable accessory for the hallways. It is desirable, that it had an aesthetic appearance and combined a wide functional. Remember that the hanger is the first thing that will be evident to the guests at the entrance, which means that it can play a role in creating an impression of the house or another room as a whole.

clothes racks stands

Coat Rack stands, presented today to your attention shops, have a variety not only in the materials of production but also in construction, as well as design. The most pleasant thing is that any representative of the series will have a really affordable price so that you have all the chances to appear in your house at the hangers. To decide which option is best to stop, let’s get acquainted with the floor types of racks closer and we will begin this process with consideration of their advantages and disadvantages.

coat rack with bench

Advantages of floor-standing racks:

  • Eliminate the need to damage the walls.
  • Mobility.
  • All-welded versions are ready for use immediately after purchase.
  • Low cost, unlike the prices for cabinets and wardrobes.
  • Clothing can quickly dry out and “breathe”, which is not provided in a closed cabinet.

coat rack stands

Materials for the manufacture of Racks

  1. Metal.
  2. Wood.
  3. A rock.
  4. Plastic.

Metal Coat Rack stands

metallic coat rack stand

In the standard version, such products have a height of 170 to 185 centimeters, which meets the needs of most consumers. Most often, these are ordinary, rather heavy and unremarkable, except for the shine of the polished surface, coat rack, although today one can already find in their dream houses multi-functional offers, where apart from clothes it is convenient to store hats, bags, and umbrellas. coats rack made of metal are the prerogative of offices and official reception rooms. and there a lot of other racks which people likes like coat racks with shelf, coat racks with storage, coat and shoe rack, white coat rack etc.

Coat Racks With Wooden

wooden coat rack stand

wooden racks are distinguished by the refinement of unpretentious design. This quality allows them to appear in a variety of, and not only home interiors. They prefer to use in decor, for example, a cafe. Wooden racks can not only become a functional piece of furniture, but also a decorative element. Such products have many advantages. First of all, they are compact and with their small dimensions easily fit into the most secluded corners. They can be considered a find for small rooms. So, the coat racks intended for storage of suits quite will replace a bulky case in a small hotel room or in a small apartment. The lightweight of the outdoor coats racks made of wood makes it easy to move. The object is worth nothing to move to another part of the room or generally to take out of it.

Combined versions Of Coat Racks stand

wooden plus metallic coat rack stand

In the products of this series, you can find a real mix of consumables. The basis of such racks can serve as a stone, hooks can be used both metal and plastic, and the supporting part remains wooden. Look combined racks, fresh and interesting.

Design of outdoor coat rack

The design of the floor racks will affect the functionality of the room in which it will be located. It can be classified as:

  1. racks in the hallway.
  2. racks for dressing rooms.
  3. coat racks stand.

outer coat rack stand

In the hallway, high coat rack stands are usually placed at the top, hooks with a halo for placing jackets, coats, and hats. The base of such outdoor coat racks often has a monotonous support. The model is stable and roomy. Sometimes two rows of differently sized hooks are placed at the top. Thus, designers allocate a place of storage of hats in a separate level. In the lower third, the structure can be complemented by a one-piece shelf of a small width or an umbrella stand. These elements add the basic functionality of design and make it to the maximum practical.

modern clothes + coat rack stand

Cloakroom type of racks differs solidity. The furniture is meant for storing clothes hanging on the shoulders. In the design, of course, there is a high-positioned bar, on which the heads of the thrusters are fixed. Often models have a standard design. The classic stand is equipped with two support legs and a crossbeam. Increase in functionality is possible with the addition of the construction of additional mobile rods.

modern outer clothes + coat rack stand

coat racks – the ideal solution for full-fledged storage of business wardrobe details. The design provides a separate bar for trousers, a tier for neckties, a coat racks for a jacket and a waistcoat. Suit variant of an outdoor coat racks can be supplemented with a movable or fixed mirror and shelves for storing small things like t clips, cufflinks, etc. Often, costume models are installed on castors. This makes it easier to move around the apartment.

Modular Racks

The modern vision of the racks designers gave rise to such a variation as modular systems. Despite the fact that their task is to save space, they allow you to place all your clothes on you. The owner can configure the profile of the hanger on his own, creating the most unusual design combinations, adapting the system to their own needs.

modular coat racks stand

The modular design of an outdoor coat rack with bench

Martha Schwindling considered the possibility of creating transforming coat racks for the first time. The idea was pushed by the device of scaffolding, which is quickly mounted in a solid circuit and also quickly disassembled, which makes them super mobile. The result of observations and reflections was the appearance of a floor-standing coats rack, assembled from aluminum tubes of different lengths. because it was the angle of the holes for fixing the tubes.

Racks are indispensable in shop interiors. With their help, it is possible to be very creative in the presentation of collection novelties. In a small hallway, another interpretation of the model, consisting of mini-blocks of hexagonal shape, will be more appropriate.

Coat Racks on Wheels

coat racks stands with shoes

modular coat rack stands  with bench

Models of floor coat rack stands with bench and wheels are needed in offices and other premises where guests can be met not only in the receptionist but also in the conference hall or in another room. Small and easily rotating wheels will facilitate its rapid rolling to the place where there is a need for furniture of this type. The choice of the dimensions of the hanger in the office should be based on the average number of visitors.

coat racks stand with wheel

mobile floor coat racks with wheel

Floor rack in the interior

In rooms decorated in the spirit of minimalism or impregnated with high-tech ideas, it is necessary to add hangers of classical or avant-garde form, in the design of which there are many metal parts. Good in such decors of the storage system with the unusual bent in a bizarre form, the designs of the bases and the non-standard arrangement of hooks, more likely resembling metal branches, rather than the usual bends. A complete abstraction can be stylized from the hooks on the holder’s thin leg, and this will also be perceived magnificently. In such models, designers have time to do more, and play with color, diversifying its shades at the bottom and top of the composition.

clothes rack stands with shoes

If in high-tech you have to give priority to metal, then in minimalism you can use coat rack stands made of wood. The main thing is that the configuration lines should be sharp and thin, and the base of the design should remain a narrow rectangle or be in the form of a laconic circle. In stylistic interiors of this orientation, the color solution and the shape of the floor hanger intended for clothing should be in harmony with other elements of the situation.

For classics and retro rooms, wooden products in natural colors remain a priority. They can only be lightly toned, or even better – simply varnished. The traditional shape is emphasized by massive holders. Beige, brown, and tones will be the optimal color solution for interiors of pompous stylistics. As for the exterior of the hangers, they can remain invisible elements of furniture or become a highlight due to the luxury of carved decoration.

wooden coat racks stands

No less wonderful are perceived in such styles forged details of the situation. The massive and expressive design of these hangers can set the tone for the entire decor of the room.

Unconventional combinations and an equally unexpected design of the hangers will be welcomed in the eclectic hallway. Look for models stylized for figures, some multi-level systems, supplemented by moving crossbeams, costume variants in retro-performance. In priority, white, black colors or a combination thereof. By and large, there are no restrictions in this direction, so that the floor hanger for clothes can be put here in red, blue, orange, with decorative inserts of plastic or metal.

wooden coat racks stands

Choosing outdoor coat rack stands, or What is important to know

– When choosing a coat rack stand, look at the base. For stable models, it is always weighty and made of a metal or stone disk. They have a better load, but they have a higher cost. Hangers with legs from the pipe are less practical in terms of stability and when overloaded with things it is easily turned over.

– Leave the priority of choice for solid products. A coat rack stand is an item for which the presence of multiple components with threaded connections is fatal. The latter has the style of loosening and unwinding, so for their reliability, the fixation will have to be constantly monitored and promptly tightened the screws that gave slack. To the inconvenience of operating the whole models, the stand are referred to as their difficult transportation.

coat rack stand in the room

hanger-staircase in the bedroom

If in the design of the floor hanger for clothes used hooks with decorative decoration on the ends, the latter should be made of reliable materials. Or rather, not so much from reliable raw materials, how to qualitatively fasten to the end of the hook and not to be removed with the slightest movement, falling on your head or visitors. Check the reliability of the assembly of these items right in the store. This will save you from frustration when operating.

Decorative endings of hooks should not be too bulky, especially spherical. It will look luxurious, but you will not be able to hang clothes behind your eyelet.

coat rack stand with hat

metal coat rack stands for storing things and shoes

– The presence of additional hooks in the middle tier of the coat rack stands is welcomed in the event that the house has children. It will be convenient for them to use low-lying clothing holders. You can hang a purse or your scarf on this hook.

– With not exactly flat floors in the room where you plan to install the hanger, you need to use products with a tripod support. Models on four legs-racks will swing and wobble, threatening to fall under the weight of things.

– The surface of the coat rack stands must be waterproofed, as wet clothing can be hung on it.

coat rack stand

decorative wooden floor coat rack stands in the hallway


A floor coat racks stands is the easiest way to eliminate confusion in the hallway. One-tier and multi-tier, round and carob, transformed and solid-cast, with wheels and legs – today you will easily pick the perfect option for you. A floor hanger will not only help you organize space and not clutter it but also with its appearance will refresh the situation, becoming its stylish addition.

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