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Watercolor on the painting on the wall in the living room – it’s original, stylish and precise draw attention. The decoration of the internal space is one of the important moments in the arrangement of the apartment. On the basis of how well this work is done, the well-being and mood of the tenants will depend, therefore, it is necessary to approach this problem carefully. At present, unusual techniques of decorating rooms are becoming more common, one of which is the watercolor painting of walls.

Abstract white-blue watercolor – drawing on the wall behind the sofa

Painting on the wall with watercolor in the living room

Watercolor, as a visual tool, appeared in ancient times, but for a long, time it was not given proper attention. It was believed that such material can be used only for outline and draft sketches. Much later, some artists began to refer to this technique, creating masterpieces that are distinguished by the lightness and freshness of the images. Today, the technique of watercolor along with paintings also found a new application – painting on the wall. Thus it is possible to receive both abstract motives and patterns, and delightful images of colors, landscapes, or simply smooth color transitions.

Watercolor technology allows you to get both light and light hues, and rich colors, smooth transitions, air atmosphere. In this way, you can decorate the wall as yourself, and recourse to the help of professionals.

Watercolor drawing behind the sofa: pastel colors and pink-blue gradient

This kind of design will help to hide existing shortcomings, emphasize the necessary accents and create the necessary atmosphere in housing.

Self Painting of wall with watercolor

If desired, watercolor painting can be done independently, even without the skills of drawing. In this case, you can perform the following tricks:

  • Gradient stretching of color on the walls horizontally, or vertically from the darkest shade of color to the lightest. You can use several colors, achieving a smooth transition from one to another.
  • as an option, sometimes painting the wall with two harmoniously combined shades, and then they are mixed along the border. At the same time, mixing is not performed smoothly, but on the contrary – in order to leave picturesque stains and stripes with careless strokes.
  • to get an abstract motif on the wall you can use one color of paint, preferably a more restrained shade. To do this, a strip is drawn from below, then its edges are blurred with water until a divorce is obtained. Then the next strip is applied higher and then blurred again. Thus, you can get beautiful stains on the wall, suggestive of certain reflections and eye-catching.
  • To create an abstract painting on the wall, you can use several colors of paint. The main thing is not to overdo it with the palette, otherwise, it can turn out too flashy and bright, which will make the eye weary. As for the technique of execution, you can draw arbitrary lines with brushes, apply stains, mix them with each other, spray paint, perform blurring.
painting on the wall behind the sofa with watercolor – an imitation of grass and plants

How to apply drawing on the wall

It is worth noting that not everyone dares to proceed with the design of the wall in the watercolor technique on their own. In this case, you can turn to professional artists and designers who can create a real masterpiece on the wall.
In addition, some care may be the care of the wall, or part of it, which is painted with watercolors, because this paint is water-soluble and can be smeared. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to process the finished painted area on the wall with a special transparent varnish that will cover the image with a protective film. As a result, the decorated in this way the wall will delight long time tenants, reviving the interior of the apartment.


Oriental color: painting on the wall in the living room under a mosaic in Turkish style

An unusual idea for fans of oriental coloring – does not necessarily recreate a mosaic of glass, you can just draw on the wall. And if you use a ready-made stencil – then you can do it yourself. However, you can not do without drawing skills if you are going to paint a large section of the room.

Bright watercolor on the wall in the living room behind the couch

Also, using watercolors or any other colors, you can turn a boring living room into a stylish bohemian interior – such a bright abstract drawing will be able to draw on the wall any, most importantly, to choose colors that blend in with each other. Well, do not forget that the variegated elements in the room should not be much, otherwise you yourself will not be too cozy there.

Clouds and the sky at dawn – drawing behind the sofa on the wall

Watercolor can be not only abstract, you can quite draw your any landscape. Not necessarily something difficult, you can take the sky at dawn or at sunset or just try to draw white clouds on a blue background – the living room looks very impressive. Although it is suitable for any other room.

The painting on the walls in the living room with watercolor – yellow and green – it’s easy to paint yourself

But if the artist of you so-so and nothing difficult to draw you just can not – this method is just for you. It’s simple. We paint the walls in the living room in white, or we use the same wallpaper for painting, and just paint the watercolor with two corners in the room, creating an abstract silhouette without any symmetry.

An unusual bright drawing on the wall – a color accent in the strict gray living room

With the help of a bright painting on the wall in this room, you can also turn a boring interior into something more original. For example, if you have already made a gray living room, then you can not do without some bright details. Without them, the room looks too dull. However, this shade is always worth using wisely. Here read about the modern interior door designs – we already wrote about this a separate article.

Birch forest – painting on the wall in a bright living room

Another idea for the landscapes in this room is the trunks of trees. I think, to draw a birch so that it can not be confused with anything, everyone can do. Try to create a perspective, in this case, it will seem that your forest is going “deep” beyond the walls of the room, which will also visually increase the space in the small living room.

Watercolor drawing of a girl with glasses – decorating painting on the wall behind the sofa

And if you can draw – why not add some non-standard watercolor drawing? It can be a girl with glasses, as in the photo above, animals or birds, flowers and plants, houses and cities – everything that you verabredet in the head. And if you yourself are not ready for this, why not call a visiting artist or just invite a designer?

Simple watercolor technique for wall painting – suitable for any living room

But just painting on the wall in blue or some other color, not forgetting about the blurred edges, transit, ns and shades, paint splashes and other effects that are easy to get with the help of watercolors – this is for those whose hands are too “curves” for that to realize something more complex.

Gloomy, but unusual drawing paints – wings on the wall in the living room

However, lovers of the Gothic style can well come up with something for their living room. For example, here are such black wings on the wall or the silhouette of a fallen angel. Although such a picture is more suitable for a teenager’s room, but who said that we do not remain teenagers inside even when it’s time to change the passport?

Watercolor picture in the frame above the fireplace – combined with pillows and curtains

You do not have to paint on wall to decorate a room with a drawing – you can paint it on canvas and put it in a frame on a mantelpiece or dressing table. And for greater effect – you can combine it with sofa cushions, curtains and other textiles.

Leaves of plants – a wall pattern in green-blue tones for the living room wall

Indoor plants are able to decorate any room, but they all require care – water, do not forget about fertilizers, sunlight, humidity and so on. Artificial flowers – it somehow went. But the watercolor painting on the wall is just right. And you can draw not only existing plants but also something fabulous and magical, which is not in the world.

Watercolor: drawing in the interior of the living room – forest and mountains at dawn

And personally, I prefer forest and mountains more – a landscape that you can forever admire. But on the edge of the day and night you will not stand, and dawn – it’s too fleeting. But to transfer this stunning view to the wall in your living room is really an idea worthy of attention. And what would you draw on the wall in your living room?

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