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Door sliding systems have long been a permanent trend in interior design. In addition to the elegant and elegant appearance, they have excellent functionality, practicality, and ergonomics. Various versions of sliding doors give the opportunity to successfully zonirovat or unite the space without affecting the area of the room.

In the modern interior sliding doors, the space between the rooms has also become one of the elements of sliding interior door designs. It can be left open, which is practiced in so-called studio apartments or separated by non-traditional door designs. Most houses and apartments use regular swing doors. For modern Front Doors design.

Alternatively, you can use folding structures or interior sliding doors, which are sometimes called ” door-coupes “. Compared to conventional, they have both a number of advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the sliding structures may differ in the manner of installation and the type of the web. Let’s take a closer look at all the possible options.

Advantages and disadvantages of sliding doors

Interior sliding door designs are actively used by Japanese architects and builders since this type of construction is one of the national features of the device of the house, rooted in the depths of centuries. What are the advantages of sliding doors?

  • The main advantage mentioned by manufacturers and sellers of such structures is a more reasonable organization of living space in comparison with swinging doors. Indeed, for small apartments with a small footage and narrow corridors, this can be a solution to the problem
  • Futuristic appearance.interior Sliding doors perfectly fit into the design of an apartment in the style of ” techno ” or fashionable now “minimalism”, which is close to the Japanese tradition
  • Sliding constructions are well suited for non-standard doorways that do not allow you to pick up the door leaf because it is wider or vice versa, there is already aperture
  • The breadth of the assortment and the variety of design, allowing organically fit interior sliding doors into any interior
  • Long operational period
  • Ergonomics.

However, along with advantages, sliding door designs have a number of disadvantages:

  • Poor sound and noise insulation.
  • Weak tightness.
  • The need for regular lubrication mechanism. Otherwise, when sliding, the doors can creak, move with jerks, sometimes jam.

If you have firmly decided to install just such a type of door structure, go to the next stage – the choice.

What kind of sliding structure to choose, so as not to be mistaken?

Interior sliding doors are classified according to the number of canvases:

  • Single-door
  • Two-door

And kind of installation:

  • Along the wall
  • Inside the wall

First of all, consider the type of installation. No matter how you want to hide the door inside the wall, if you live in a house or apartment, but are not ready for radical restructuring, this option will have to be abandoned. It can be realized only at the construction stage, leaving a special niche in the wall, in which the sliding door will eventually leave. Therefore, as a rule, the guides are laid along the wall.

As for the number of door leaves, here, as a rule, too, especially not be chosen. Two canvases are appropriate when the width of the opening is much larger than the standard one. In this case, the canvases are set on one guide, and they can move apart both in different directions and into one.


Varieties of modern sliding doors depending on the material of manufacture

The richness of the design solutions of modern interior sliding doors can amaze even the most daring imagination. They have different shapes (rectangular, arched, radius), constructions (parallel-sliding and sliding-folding) and dimensions (standard and non-standard), plus to this, are made of completely different materials and their combinations.


It is most often used to produce doors in a luxurious classic style.


This high-tech material can easily be milled, which makes it possible to make door designs of any shape and in different styles.


sliding Glass doors are characterized by a variety of exterior finishes transparent or matte, color monophonic or patterned, glossy or structural. Glass is used not only to create sliding systems with a flat surface but also for complex radial shape structures.


Combined types of sliding interior door designs combine different materials in their construction. The frame, for example, can be made of aluminum, steel, wood, MDF, plastic or fiberglass, and as a filler, glass, mirrors, plexiglass, rattan, etc. are used.

The choice of material for this or that type of interior sliding doors is determined not only by their decorative qualities and style accessories but also by design features.


What types of designs are allocated?

The main advantage of the construction is the principle of functioning due to the maximum savings of the working or living space in the room. Sliding interior doors cabinets can have the following:

  • Parallel sliding type with necessary fittings.
  • Folding sliding type with special fittings.

In the first variant, the number of leaflets can vary from one or more, it all depends on the desire of the owner of the room. If a sliding door is installed, the interior is one-leaf, its mechanism is based on the shear of the web parallel to the wall, or directly into the wall space. Variants of multi-leaf parallel-sliding models are arranged a little differently and more complicated. By standard, the equipment does not exceed four leaves.

Fold-sliding structure, more precisely, its leaves, are divided into panels, the same width. Their number varies from three to seven. These models are popular under the name “door-accordion”. When opening, the sashes are stacked on the side of the opening and fixed there. Variants are possible when the folded elements are “drowned” in the cavity of the wall. This is possible if the dimensions of the latter are consistent.

Sliding interior doors of the two described options are often applicable when overlapping a wide opening – in the event that standard doors are inappropriate. Compare the doors of the models discussed with the popular in Japan, “Fusuma Shoji” due to a common task – the delimitation of rooms.

Which door leaf do you prefer?

As in the case of conventional swing doors, when buying interior sliding doors you choose the type of fabric. It can be:

  • Solid wood.
  • Glass or mirror.
  • Particleboard, fiberboard.
  • Combined fabric: Particleboard with glass or mirror insert.

As for the doors from solid wood, they are certainly strong, reliable, durable. We already mentioned the disadvantages of such a choice – first of all, they are much more expensive than standard ones, especially if we are talking about rare tree species.

In addition, they can be mounted only on two rails, the top and bottom, otherwise, because of the heavy weight of the fabric, the design will warp over time.

Combined sliding doors

Sliding interior doors of glass or mirrors with edging from aluminum are very elegant, stylish, perfect fit in the “techno-style.” The disadvantages are again the considerable weight of the structure, because of which it is better to mount it on two guides and a high cost (although lower than the wooden massif).

Cloths from wood-shaving or wood-fiber plates are affordable, have a small weight, so you can save on the installation of the construction, mounted only the lower guides. The disadvantages include a modest design, which differs only due to the color and texture of the laminated film of the upper layer.

Combined door leaves, which consist of chipboard and glass or mirror inserts, are the absolute leader in sales. They meet most of the requirements of the average consumer because they are affordable, convenient to operate. have a small weight, and therefore, it is possible to mount only one guide.

Manual and automatic sliding doors

Opening and closing interior sliding doors can be done manually and by means of a special automatic system. With manual models everything is clear: holding the handle, the person moves the door in the desired direction.

As for automatic door constructions, they are activated by a special sensor with infrared radiation, which reacts to the approach of a person. Automated doors are easy to use, practical and easy to adjust, but their cost is much higher than manual options.

Automation of the already installed manual sliding interior door is quite possible, but for this, you will have to purchase a corresponding set of equipment, the price of which is within $ 700. The high cost of automated doors explains the unpopularity of their use at home.


Design of sliding door models

The modern design of sliding and sliding folding doors does not closely resemble those primitive plastic constructions that first appeared on sale 25 years ago. Today, such models demonstrate a flight of design thought: they are made in a variety of styles and from completely different materials.

Most often, lightweight materials such as aluminum, plastic, MDF, etc. are used for the production of sliding door frames, but sometimes an array of natural wood or veneered particleboard can be used. In the role of decorative inserts can act monochrome and colored fabrics, leather, matte or tinted glass, glass with stained glass or mirrors, etc.

The style of the door will be determined by the material used to make it. For example, in interiors made in ascetic, low-key styles (techno, hi-tech, etc.), the doors of glass in combination with metal or plastic will fit in harmony. Environmental styles involve the use of combinations of natural materials – bamboo, veneer, flax, leather, etc. A door made of MDF with a bright coating, supplemented with glass inserts, decorated with eye-catching stained-glass paintings, will ideally look in rooms with a Mediterranean style of decoration. Below we have brought some of the most stylish photos of sliding interior door designs, we hope that this will help you choose your door.

Modern Sliding Doors Designs Gallery

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