70+ Modern Wood Fences Designs

modern fence deigns 2018

Decorate Wood Fence In A Modern Style

Beautifully designed facade of the building or terrace certainly attracts the attention of neighbours and pleases the eyes of the owners. A good owner of a country house and plot is sure to give its dwelling a decent frame in the form of decorative wood fencing.

The best place to relax at the cottage is the terrace or front yard. It can accommodate a company of friends or quietly retire with a cup of tea. But it’s safer to rest on a well-maintained territory. The main protective structure on the extension is the fence. Wooden fencing for the terrace is one of the most practical types of construction. In addition, such a product can be made independently.

Fencing Functions

In different families, terraces and front yard are used for various purposes. Someone arranges a recreation zone there, someone – a place for sports. But regardless of the purpose of the extension, it must have a wooden fence with modern wooden fencing designs.

The main function of the fence is to protect the space and mark boundaries, wood fence walls are now generally used as the edging to frame your garden. Fences protect the household from accidental falling outside the site. In addition, they decorate the general appearance of the adjacent territory and give the facade a complete look.

To protect the wooden fence does not disturb the overall appearance of the house, it is necessary to choose the correct height of the structure. It is especially important to equip a fence in houses with children, where the wood fence will perform the function of a protective arena.

70+ Modern wooden Fences Designs

Wooden Patio fence Design is best to complement the charm of natural materials in the exterior design.

wood fence


Stylish sophistication with masses of patterns. This all-white, no-frill and among the best wooden fence is also hard as a nail. It’s simple, durable and clean to maintain.

modern wood fence designs


A great idea is to form a decorative stylish fence from the round elements cut across the trunk. Especially natural looks such a design, if the site is located in the forest zone. Support design is possible by laying a path of the same round wooden fragments.

modern wooden fence designs


Very touchingly it looks like a flower garden, framed by a decorative wooden fence of white or bright yellow color. Such a decor emphasizes the dense greenery of plants and the rich colors of flowers. For this hedge fence or lattice. The same fringing can separate the garden from the garden or fix a small flowerbed in front of the house. Interestingly and fervently looks a short fence, stylized with colorful pencils. Such hedges will perfectly allocate children’s or sports grounds.

wooden fence designs


Elegant, cutting-edge and placing. Give your wooden fence a respiration space with this creative fencing style. The set up lets the air freely skip thru and nevertheless provide nearly full insurance.

modern wood fence



Wooden fence, made with gaps, bears a decorative rather than a wood fencing function. Excellent visibility of the territory behind the fence implies the maintenance of the yard, garden, flower bed and beds in perfect condition. The design will be appropriate for framing small cottages or small houses in holiday villages where everyone is familiar with each other and there is no need to give the fence a protective function.

wooden fence designs


Getting acquainted with a photo of beautiful wooden fences, you can see that the fence has long gone beyond the usual dull fence. The modern fences are made of slats cut so that the top line forms a wave, a zigzag or a sweep of bird wings. Pretty looking fence designs sections with figured or carved elements. If there is a neat lawn in front of the house, it can be framed with a low decorative fence.

wooden fence designs


Herringbone or ladder. This wood fencing boards are mounted horizontally on each other, and the use of special gaskets ensures excellent ventilation with a full opacity of the blade.

Lattice is considered the most decorative kind of fence. Located crosswise, at an angle of 45 degrees, or twisted strips in a classic frame for braids look almost a work of art. This type of fence designs is often used as a support for weaving and climbing plants.

wood fence designs


The combination of two types of wooden fencing in one: “braid” (decorative lattice) and “chessboard” – a ceremonial view from both sides plus a support for tall plants.

wood fence


A wooden fence in the style of a cowboy ranch is a specific kind of fence that is more suitable for delimiting a territory or controlling access to a certain part of a section of people or animals. The bars located horizontally look exotic and are suitable for use in large areas.

modern wood fence designs


Special impregnations for wood will not allow it to lose color, and also protect from mold, pests and weather conditions.

wood fence


Darkened unpainted wood has its own chic, such fences look successfully in the overall design in the style of the country.

latest fence designs


Fencing of logs or bars, which are fixed to the supports horizontally. Spans can have two, three or more longitudinal elements. Such a hedge carries in itself a mostly enclosing and decorative function.

wood fence designs


A classic type of wood fence with gaps, sections of which are filled with special narrow plaques at the equidistant distance. The fence is traditionally represented by support racks, horizontal rails and elements for filling sections.

wooden fence designs


A coloured modern wooden Fence with a modern interpretation.

latest fence designs


Classic fences are often used as a support for climbing plants or tall shrubs.

wooden designs fence


In the chess figure formed by boards fixed on both sides of the foundation bars, both sides are facial.

unique fence designs


A classic fence is a solid canvas, consisting of tightly fitted boards that can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The classical version of the wooden fencing can be strengthened by a foundation of bricks and stone, as well as using pillars of wood, metal or stone as its base.

wooden designs of fence


The fence is a traditional country option, which can be as light or as close as possible. This type of fences is often used not only as a protection but also as a decoration for the site. The variant “chessboard”, as one of the most common types of fence, is very popular due to its universality and practicality. Both sides of this fence are facial, which greatly enhances its attractiveness, and securely fastened in staggered order to the base the strips form a dense web.

classic designs of fences


The wooden fence from metal or stone. A lively and pleasant material fits perfectly into the environment, and if you have the skills, a fence of it can be turned into a work of art.

latest fence designs


Transparent structures made of wooden slats that do not interfere with a two-way view, but create a shadow.

wooden fence designs


Of the advantages of wood as a material for the fence of the site – good sound absorption, but if you like metal fences, then you can choose a combined option.

fences new designs


Beautiful wooden fences for a home are also practical. Employees are reliable protection from both bad weather and from prying eyes, such fences with proper care will last more than one year. The tree is the universal material that can be useful in any situation: for example, as a fence for the yard, as a boundary between the suburban areas, in the form of dividing the garden into zones.

new designs of fence


One of the most common ways to organize a private courtyard space: the boards of the bottom of the wooden fencing are tightly fitted to each other, the upper ones give a two-sided view.

2018 fence designs


In modern landscape design, when selecting fences for the site, a tree is preferred, as a material for fences, a stone.

fresh fence designs


The most traditional type of wooden fence.

fence designs 2018


The design of modern wooden fences is very diverse, and often the emphasis is on the visual impression.

fence design


Modern wooden fence naturally completes the landscape design of the site.

wood fence designs


The unassuming timber pallets may be used to create something high-quality and purposeful. This modernistic and artistically assembled pallet fence is truly stunning.

creative wood designs


This heavy modern wooden fence exudes oriental charm and balance. The heavy dark timber timbers resonate solidity, while the slanted louvre slats are different and charming.



Low fences are ideal when you to show off you’re the front garden. this modern wood textured fence is already beautiful by means of itself, but may even body and spotlight a beautifully landscaped front yard.

short wood fence


This ingeniously designed stylish wooden fencing is sure to capture attention and awe. using wooden or metallic slats, the stacked up to set up is difficult and contemporary. efficaciously secures your space without blockading the view.

modern horizontal fence


half of and half fences are common – stronger and heavier cloth for the bottom half, like concrete or stone and lighter and more ornamental material for the top.

wood concrete fence


This is any other fence specific and attention-grabbing fence concept and design. The basket weave pattern of the wooden or timber textured cloth is captivating and one of a kind Very unique.

basket wood fence


Transform your yard into an absolute oasis. Water, timber and vegetation. This Zen-inspired wall lawn is virtually impressive.

wood fence


The wooden fence of the staircase is not uncommon in the daily life of the owners of private houses. Firstly this variety allows you to save on the board, as small gaps allow you to reduce the amount of material, and secondly – it turns out in the end very well.

wood fence designs


This kind of fence is in most cases installed in private houses. Small gaps between the planks allow you to see the beautiful greenery that can be planted outside the fence.

modern wood fence designs


This wood fence is painted, and then covered with varnish and it turns out very well, but also so quite attractive. In the presence of wild imagination, you can give such a magnificent design fence, which will never cease to please the eyes of all those around you.

latest wooden fence


Such an original wood fence design solution allows not only to make its neighbours look at the fence with envy but also makes the site very rich and individual.

amazing wood fence designs


Apparently, such a pattern is very difficult to do by one’s own hands, if only a person does not have sufficient skills to work with wood carving.

chines fence designs


This combination of building materials in most cases is used in country houses and cottages.

craz fence designs


modern wood fence


wood fence designs

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