Modern Wooden Wall Clock Designs


A bit of history

Wooden clock – wall and with battle – for us today a symbol of tradition and special comfort. And it’s not accidental: they were among the first interior watches that appeared in European homes. Even earlier noble ladies and gentlemen began to decorate living rooms and offices with outdoor models.

It should be noted that the first interior time meters were produced in Germany. Swiss masters became the best in the manufacture of watches only in the XIX century. The ancient examples were rich in decoration, they were made of wood and encrusted with precious metals and stones.

The popularity of watches as an attribute of home decoration dates back to the reign of Peter the Great, and the first copies adorned the royal chambers still under Ivan the Terrible. At that time, wall clocks, the price of which consisted of the cost of materials and the work of masters, were available only to very wealthy people.

With the development of technology, the situation has changed. Today, a wooden clock – wall, and desktop – is available to almost everyone.


Modern wooden watch

wooden clockNowadays there are so many design options for wooden clocks that the head may become dizzy during the selection process. Minimal round, made in the form of birds or fruits, decorated with carving or inlay – each kind is suitable for a certain type of room. For example, antique clock clocks with a battle cause exclamations of admiration for many, but not every modern interior will be able to “endure” such beauty. They are appropriate in classical style, in spacious rooms. On the other hand, with the right approach, such watches can become the main note in the interior, attracting attention and organizing space.


Elegant decoration

The living room is the place where there are practically no restrictions in the choice of hours. Wooden watches with a pendulum or cuckoo, massive floor or laconic small copies – you can give preference to anyone. The main condition is that the chosen model matches the style of the room.

A cozy country loves carved watches. The cuckoo will also bring a certain charm to such a room. Massive floor models will perfectly fit in the classic interior, of course, provided that in the living room for them there is enough space: this thing cannot be pushed into the corner.

wooden clock Wooden clock, wall or table, will feel great in a room with a design in Eco-style. For the decor of such living rooms, you can choose options with inserts of bamboo or twisted wicker rods. In the spacious halls of country houses, you can often find a fireplace. Decorative imitation of this element of the interior is often installed in the apartments. In this case, the mantel clock cannot be better. In addition, you can buy elegant candelabra or vases.


Wooden Clock

For many centuries, watches are an important element of human life. Their main purpose is to show the exact time, but apart from this function, the wall clock also performs decorative. In this article, we will talk about wall wooden clocks. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that people turn to a simple clapping mechanism on the wall, despite the fact that it is possible to purchase modern multifunctional electronic watches or use mobile phones, on the display of which the exact time is always displayed.

The use of wood has always been relevant for interior design because natural materials bring into the house a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere of coziness and warmth. Also, people’s attraction to the use of natural materials in the interior is explained by the peculiarities of the high-tech era in which we live.

Wall clock made of wood in a classic interior

The first wooden wall clock appeared in England in the 16th century, so without this decorative element, the classic English style of the interior is simply unthinkable these days. The ideal solution will be a tall wooden wall clock with a pendulum. A beautiful wooden wall clock with austerity and a magnificent view of an expensive tree will emphasize the success and consistency of the owner of the cabinet in the English style.

In the interior of the room, executed in a Victorian style, harmoniously fit carved wooden wall clocks, decorated with gilding. The charm of such watches in a variety of types of carvings and plots for bas-reliefs.

The decoration for the colonial or safari style will be a wooden hunting clock, which is on the market in a wide range.

And in the recent past, the wooden wall clock with a cuckoo was the pride of the owners of the house. Nowadays, such watches are a complete measure of the mood of the Soviet era, so they are often used in interior design in the style of the vintage. For you there is only a choice – to buy a real antique watch or to get an artificially aged copy.

Classic style is a trend in the interior fashion, which will never lose its relevance. But not everyone can afford to buy antique wooden wall clocks. It is for this reason that watchmakers have gone to the trick – you are buying for a reasonable price a quartz wall clock in a wooden case, which completely coincides in appearance with expensive antique clocks. If, in the event of a broken antique clock, you have to look for a repairman, in this case it’s enough just to replace the mechanism.

modern-wood-wall-clock-designs modern-wood-wall-clock-designs modern-wood-wall-clock-designs

Wooden wall clock in modern interior

Wall clocks in wooden frames are quite popular in modern interior styles, despite the tendencies that require the utmost of practicality and functions from everyday things. Masters of design every day generate interesting ideas for making watches that will become an ornament for the interior of your house – you will be able to choose an option that can give the design of your home a perfect look.

For an interior in the style of minimalism, you should stop your choice on simple strict forms – square or round wooden wall clocks. When arranging the modernist and loft styles, you can give more freedom to the imagination and purchase stylish and original wooden wall clocks.

Manufacturers give us the opportunity to save by releasing a wall clock under a tree. Thus, you have the opportunity to buy a copy of the famous designer watches for a penny. On quality, they, of course, are inferior to the originals, but the appearance is identical.

modern-wood-wall-clock-designs modern-wood-wall-clock-designs modern-wood-wall-clock-designs
modern-wood-wall-clock-designs modern-wood-wall-clock-designs modern-wood-wall-clock-designs
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