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Modern Wooden Houses & Advantages

modern wooden house

Modern designs of wooden houses

In fact, modern wooden houses are analogs of a simple hut. But modern execution makes these residential buildings very original and even startling. Still, looking at such a scale, magnificence, unusual look and complexity of work, it is very difficult not to be surprised.

To date, companies involved in the construction of wooden houses, are able to offer their clients a huge variety of options for projects of houses made of wood. Depending on the wealth and taste, you can find the ideal plan for the construction of a wooden house: original and interesting.

Among the varieties of wooden house designs distinguish two main: houses of timber and houses from logs.

modern wooden house

Under the structure of the bar, professionals recommend making a strip foundation. The beam itself can be processed by a plane, both from the inside and outside. True, this will entail additional costs. The beam for the walls of this house can be used in various sizes. It is possible to use logs rounded or hand-cut. All these nuances are selected individually, depending on personal preferences and desires.

Under the log structure, a strip foundation is also commonly used. Logs can be additionally processed by a shawl or a plane. For walls, the same materials can be used, as for houses made of timber.

All individual questions concerning the project of building a wooden house are usually solved with designers, engineers and masters of companies specializing in such work. They will help their clients to choose the most suitable option, draw up the project and calculate the final cost of construction.

modern wooden house

All projects combine the use of the same material – wood. In various sources, you can find a lot of information about this property of wood, such as environmental friendliness. But not everyone knows that the wooden house allows its owner to significantly and economically save the budget. It sounds strange because such buildings are usually referred to the segment of the most expensive construction. Nevertheless, this is so. Judge for yourself: the house is rounded logs do not require additional use of facade materials, additional insulation or interior decoration of walls. The tree, possessing high aesthetic properties, also perfectly retains heat.

And, if you look at the modern log frame house, you can see in it some elements resembling an ancient hut. Horizontally laid logs joined at the corners by cutting, form a frame. This technology is maintained to this day. True, now such houses are being built, and in those far, right up to Peter’s times, they were ” chopped”. Strictly speaking, this is the origin of the original Russian name of this structure – “log house“. The fact is that this term was considered more plausible and fully consistent with the process of creating a dwelling using an ax alone. Undoubtedly, progress on the spot is not worth it. Therefore, with respect to modern wooden cottages, the word “hut” is not quite correct to use. It will sound just like a beautiful metaphor.

modern wooden house

Most of the projects of modern wooden houses provide for people to live in maximum comfort. Therefore, each version of the project has the complete set of all kinds of amenities. In favor of such dwellings, people who are oriented towards a family lifestyle, who value a healthy atmosphere, comfort and modern comfort level, usually make their choice. If you are a person striving for positive emotions, a harmonious relationship with loved ones and unity with the outside world, then a wooden country house will be your best option. After all, only wood is the most attractive material in this respect. The only one, gifted by Mother Nature herself, is alive, able to create in the house a unique aura of warmth, care, family and coziness.

We love wooden houses deigns for a warm and cozy look, which is beautifully combined with any environment. We have accumulated a lot of interesting ideas that are ideal for the design of small wooden houses or cottages, and we decided to share them with you in this article.

Next, you will learn about what today there are wooden houses, siding and made of logs, and also look at the inspiring photos of the facades of wooden houses. We hope that the ideas and examples gathered here will help you decide on the external design of your home, and make it attractive for many years!

Advantages of wooden houses

Traditions of wooden housing construction have not been one thousand years. In the period of general industrialization, the emergence of concrete and foam blocks, wood as a material for the construction of houses has receded into the background. However, it did not disappear at all. This material was often used in the construction of baths and dachas. Today, a wooden house or, as it is also called, a log house, is experiencing its second birth. The reason was the emergence of new methods of construction and wood processing technologies. Thanks to this, you can now easily build a strong country house that will serve you for many years.

A private wooden house is now a fashion trend, however, it is important to remember the practicality that such houses possess. First of all, such a structure is environmentally friendly, because its erection does not entail the use of heavy construction techniques. In addition, wood is a natural, natural material. In addition, the log buildings have unique thermal insulation properties. Due to this, you can save considerably on heating the premises. And, of course, a private wooden structure does not require additional interior decoration. After all, the wooden walls look very nice and aesthetic, which can serve as an excellent basis for your interior.

Beautiful modern wooden houses designs: what are their advantages?

Wood is a wonderful material for the construction and finishing of a private house. Here are just some of the advantages that wooden houses have:

  1. Exceptional insulation. The thermal conductivity of wood and materials based on it (plywood, particle board, MDF) is from 0.1 to 0.25 W / (m * S). For comparison: the thermal conductivity of concrete is equal to 1.51, the bricks from 0.4 to 0.7, and the granite – 3.49 W / (m * C). This means that with the tree from your house will be “leaking” significantly less energy. If you want to keep the heat in the house in the winter, and in the summer – cool, and at the same time spend less money for heating or air conditioning, then you can not think of a better material than a tree!

Wooden houses - photo selection of projects 2016

2. Ecological compatibility. The production of houses made of wood causes minimal damage to the environment, and most importantly: the forest is a renewable resource of our planet.

It is also known that wooden designs structures absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, but do not secrete it back. In fact, this is the only building material with a neutral level of carbon emissions. Moreover, the wood is still capable of regulating the humidity and only by its kind of soothing the nervous system. It is believed that wooden houses designs are ideal for families with children.

Beautiful wooden houses - photo selection of 2016

  1. Wide aesthetic possibilities. To date, the facades of wooden houses are made of dozens of wood species. They differ not only in color, but also in granularity (knots and patterns), which makes even the smallest house look beautiful. In this case, wood can be painted in any color, treated with wax or pass through varnishing, thereby raising its natural appeal to a new level.

Unusual facades of wooden houses

4. Reliability and durability. The tree is very durable in every way. But what makes it really special is the property of brick, stone and concrete. Therefore, if you are at the base of your house. Whereas even the smallest shift in the foundation of a brick house will inevitably lead to the formation of cracks.

Selection of photos of wooden houses from a bar


Which facades of wooden houses are better and more durable

To date, there is a huge selection of wood for the construction of a private house. Some breeds are used for thermal insulation, others for beautiful facades and windows, and others for cases where money needs to be saved. The most common and universal breeds are pine, spruce and oak, however your final choice will depend on what kind of wood is available in your region of residence.

Many people are worried about the question: how much wooden houses suffer from moisture? And what kind of tree is better tolerated by its harmful influence? The answer to this question may surprise you. Everything depends not so much on the wood itself, as on the quality of its coating. A tree with an untreated surface will noticeably darken a few years after construction. But if the appearance of the beam will suffer, it will still last you about 30 years before it needs to be replaced.

Photo of the facades of wooden houses - an old house made of lumber

However, the processing of the surface of a tree is necessary not only to preserve its color. Some people even prefer the look of an old, gray tree, which gives the houses a majestic look. In fact, moisture also contributes to the appearance of cracks and attracts small pests. These smallest pests can cause surprisingly great harm. Therefore, wooden houses designs are highly recommended to be treated with antiseptics, varnishes or wax. Also, to protect the lower part of the modern wooden house, which is very close to the soil, the basement of the building is often trimmed with a stone.

Facade of a wooden house - photos of private houses outside

Next, we suggest that you consider the main types of wooden facades of houses that are made of logs and / or wooden siding.

Modern Wooden houses Deigns

Siding with wood is one of the oldest forms of exterior facing of private house facades, which is now performed in a variety of ways. Here we will look at the 3 most common of them and enjoy 15 photos of wooden houses designs trimmed with siding.

  1. Beveled siding  – is performed with the help of wooden boards, which are cut at a special angle into two parts, which are thicker on one side than from the other. Then these slats are installed on the facade horizontally so that the wide edge overlaps the narrow one.

Different colors of wooden houses - photo siding made of wood

Pine and spruce are the most popular materials for such siding due to good price / quality ratio. If the surface is treated with moisture and pests, it will last you several times, while the average service life of cheap siding from chipboard or MDF is 20-25 years.

  1. Siding with wooden blocks. For this siding small blocks of wood are used, which are a bit like shingles, although somewhat thicker, heterogeneous in appearance and more durable. Modern Wooden houses, which are lined with such siding, are most often found in mountains and forests, where their appearance is most organically fit in the environment.


3. Lining  – smooth wooden panels that are inserted into each other. This type of siding allows you to create the most flat surface of the façade of a wooden house, which you just look at, and at the same time.


Before moving on to the photo of houses made of logs and logs, we suggest that you look at a few more photos of modern wooden houses designs with a siding finish.

Wooden siding lining on the facade of a private houseExterior finishing of a modern private house with wood sidingExterior finish of a wooden house - photo sidingGray color of the facade of a wooden house in the photo Than to finish a facade of the wooden house - clause with a photoWhich wooden house is better: siding or timber?A two-storey wooden house and a stone basement on the photoLarge wooden house - photo outside with sidingModern wooden houses - the best photos and projects for 2016Beautiful painted wooden houses - a photo of furnish of a facadeExterior finish of a wooden house - photo siding and painting

Beautiful wooden houses Designs from logs

The timber is considered to be a timber, which have a thickness and a width of 10 cm or more. Most often under the houses of the timber means beautiful modern wooden houses made of logs of pine or other trees. Facades made of timber are more expensive than siding, and require more care than most other types of facades. This care consists in regular surface treatment with antiseptics or other coatings from insects and rodents, as well as in the periodic and timely sealing of cracks.

At the end of our article, we attach a beautiful selection of photos of modern wooden houses made of logs and logs.

Luxury wooden houses from a beam in a photoThe best wooden houses - made of timber Beautiful facade of a wooden house - photos of private houses 2016ddizayn wooden house from the bar outside - a photo of a two-story private houseStylishly painted wooden houses - photo from a barWhich wooden house is better - from a log or logs? Selection of photosOne-story wooden houses from a bar - a photo with a gray roofSelection of photos of the facades of wooden houses from logs and beamsPhoto of wooden houses from a bar with a green roof

Note that painting and plastering of modern wooden houses are used only after many years of operation, since such facade coverings do not possess the nobility of natural wood and permanently reduce the cost of modern wooden houses.

Painted Modern Wooden Houses Designs

Black color of the facade of a wooden house - photo of a burnt treeBeautiful painting of the facade of a wooden house in brown colorPainted wooden houses - photo with a green roofPainting the facade of a wooden house in a dark color in the photo

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