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Charming frame for a macaroni mirror

Mirror in the house is not only a necessary and convenient object of everyday use, but also a beautiful component of the interior, which can expand the space and fill the room with light. In itself, the mirror does not differ in any aesthetic appeal, its rim makes it spectacular.

Mirror with a frame design should harmoniously fit into the overall style of the house and can become a unique decoration of the interior. Wall mirrors in the frame can be made unique and luxurious, if you decorate them yourself.

Manifesting fantasy and applying simple improvised items, you can create an amazing decoration for the mirror, which is embedded a piece of the soul and the warmth of your hands.

Mirror Frame Designs from kitchen products

The old mirror, in an unsightly frame design or without it, can be decorated decoratively, applying various, at times most unexpected objects of use. Their use in the unusual role creates an amazing effect, capable of simple and affordable things change drastically, breathing new life into them and filling different meaning.

Decoration products

As the material for the frame design using a variety of kitchen products: pasta, coffee beans, peas, beans, lentils or cereals.

To make a spectacular frame design for a mirror, you take macaroni of different size and shape with your own hands, and carefully glue along the perimeter. To create a certain pattern pasta spread uniformly distributed along the surface, if desired, can randomly distribute them or to give any chosen shape.

To create an original decor use aerosol paint. To do this, the surface of the mirror must first be covered with a cloth or a paint tape and spray the paint.

A charming mirror frame with your own hands is ready, in the same way used, and other kitchen products or mixtures of them.

Decor accessories

For small mirrors, you can make a frame using cardboard, plywood or chipboard. One of these materials cuts out any chosen frame configuration, in size larger than the dimensions of the mirror. On the received form mark the location of the mirror or glue it. The rest of the stencil is decorated with a variety of items: buttons, shells, broken glassware, remains of jewelry or mosaic tiles, eggshells, egg trays and much more.

The variety of used items is unlimited, personal fantasy will tell you which of them can be used to create unique products.

Exquisitely and effectively looks the decor of the mirror frame with the use of beads, glass beads and glass pebbles.

To fix such materials, colorless aquarium silicone glue is needed, which reliably fixes the elements on the surface of the mirror and does not spoil their transparent structure.

Decoration from disposable tableware

A decorated mirror frame with your own hands using disposable spoons can look like a tender and elegant chrysanthemum.

At the spoons, carefully cut the handles and, starting from the last row, tightly past the shape with the petals obtained, creating a flower.

The outer row must overlap the shape so that its edges are not visible. Paint one or different shades create a color design of the obtained chrysanthemum, which will be combined with the overall decoration.

Massive Mirror frame

For a large mirror, rich and massive mirror frames are better suited, with a complex pattern. They will become an organic completion and a chic edging that can turn a mirror into an exquisite piece of furniture. Wooden frames are made for rectangular and square mirrors, because it is impossible to bend solid material in the shape of an oval or circle.

Wooden Mirror frame

The material is a tree that makes the mirror in the wooden frame heavy. Ability to cope with elementary carpentry will make it possible to use a wooden door design casing to make a simple and concise framework.

 It is necessary to make four elements for each side. To ensure that the corners are correctly connected, the trim pieces are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

The length of the inner edge of each segment should be one centimeter less than the sides of the mirror. To place the mirror sheet, on the underside of each bar, it is necessary to make indentations.

To connect the strips and form corners triangles are used, they also serve as holders for the canvas.

A wooden mirror frame with your own hands can be decorated with any decorations. For a discreet interior, it is painted with a varnish or paint of any shade.

Frame from the ceiling skirting

Imitating a tree, you can use a ceiling skirting board, of any pattern and width, depending on the personal vision of the future product.

Mirror is recommended to be fixed on a sheet of plywood or chipboard, this will give rigidity to the product and will securely fix the fasteners, for placement on the wall. The sides of the frame are cut from the ceiling skirting, as well as the wooden slats, combining the corners. The length of the inner edges should be equal to the length of the sides of the mirror. To connect the elements in a single frame using an adhesive gun. The received skeleton should be covered from all sides by a layer of putty, which is bred to the density of sour cream.

After its drying, work is carried out on the decoration of the baguette, for this use paint or lacquer. For aging, the surface of the painted frame can be treated with a sponge with golden paint.

Mirror Frame for the mirror with their own hands from the ceiling skirting can become a unique and luxurious part of the interior, without making the product worse.


The presence of molded parts in the interior pushes to use these elements to decorate the mirror. Such decor elements from gypsum or plastic can be purchased, and from them to make amazing compositions that decorate the mirrors.

The frame-base is made of a dense material, the size protruding beyond the edges of the mirror. It is painted white and fixed on it with a cloth. Elements of stucco are distributed on the basis in the planned order and fixed with silicone glue. Stucco can be left white or using acrylic paints of any color, giving the desired shade.

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