120+ Modern Almirah (Closet) Designs & Ideas


When decorating the interior of the room, they play an important role. Purchased in stores or made to order, they always transform the space in which they are located. Regardless of the shape of the design, either standard, or corner, or a built-in ( almirah ) closet, first of all. it is a competent and appropriate use of indoor furniture, allowing you to stop your choice for installation in any convenient place in the room, including corners.

Having sliding doors in their presence, they considerably expand the radius of free space for movement.



In general, purchasing such furniture for their home, people at the same time receive for themselves the following privileges.

  • As already mentioned above, the external configuration of the product and the availability of sliding doors, greatly facilitate the task of choosing the location of its installation.
  • The internal space, divided into certain sections, makes it possible to place there various accessories, including shoes, clothes, bed linen and a lot of other things. The most important thing is to place everything so that it is convenient to get it.
  • Mirror facades contribute to the visual expansion of the room. To affect in small rooms, many prefer to take a long wardrobe with a mirror.

The main advantages include practicality and complete exclusion of swing elements. In addition, the facade can be represented in various forms. Here, mirror ornaments can play their role, as well as the presence of various inserts.

Materials of manufacture

Most often, room couches are made of MDF and chipboard. Expensive can be made of natural wood. They have a lot of weight and require constant care of themselves, as it needs periodic drying and processing.

A special manifestation of respectability, elegance, and uniqueness is the use of leather finishing. The product looks very stylish, especially on a light background.



Such models can have a different purpose, depending on the location in which they are located. Their distribution can be as follows:

  • In the hallway. There are small parameters here, so as not to greatly narrow the room. Designed for storing outerwear, hats, and shoes.
  • Wardrobe. Located in the living room or bedroom. Their capacity allows you to dispose of various things (outerwear, underwear, shoes and so on).
  • Book. Accordingly, the name is intended for storing books.
  • Built-in. The main difference is the absence of the rear wall, which makes it impossible to install outside the niche zone. At the same time, the parameters of internal filling and finishing are the same as those of non-embedded ones.


Large dimensions suggest selection in accordance with the internal design. Therefore, most often the design of the almirah is chosen in such a way that it harmoniously looks on the general background of the living room, bedroom or hallway.

Help determine the choice can be in the store or when applying for an individual order. Choose what you need to help catalog the modern almirah (closet). Among the many styles you can stay at the following:

Provence. A distinctive feature, an abundance of white.

Scandinavian. It differs in its simplicity and is suitable for simplified design. Eco-foam is used from materials.

Classic style. It is quite complex and itself is divided into several styles, such as Empire or Baroque. Suitable more for rooms with large areas. In addition, the design of the room must correspond to a design that can be installed along the entire wall.

Modern style. It differs in the materials used in the manufacture, among which there are plastic metal and glass.

The choice depends entirely on the buyer. Determining immediately is very difficult, therefore, as already mentioned above, catalogs are provided to facilitate the task. There you can carefully consider any photo of the modern cabinet designs – a coupe in various angles.


Quite often in the interior of a modern apartment is made such an element as a corner closet ( almirah ). In this case, this is one of the types of home furniture, equipped with sliding doors. The decision to buy such furniture is dictated primarily by the desire to save space in the interior.

The answer to the question of how they differ from ordinary ones is contained in their very name. The installation of such a product in the intended place of joining the walls allows you to see how much it is preferable. No less attractive looks and appearance.

Unlike conventional models, which in their forms are no different from standard configurations (length, width, height), the central view of the corner coupe can have the form of a rectangle, a trapezoid, and a five-walled one.

Preferring a corner modern almirah ( closet ) designs if you want to install it in a bedroom or living room, many are guided by the size of the rooms. But it is suitable for a large area, and for small. As for the small room, the installation of this kind in it as an element of design will help create comfort and optimize space in the best way.

The most suitable color for the bedroom will be a light background. Proceeding from this, the ( almirah ) closet design in the bedroom, choose, respectively, focusing on calm light colors. The material can serve as MDF panels or laminated chipboard.

In addition, models of radius type will look great. The presence of smooth lines gives rise to an atmosphere of romantic mood. Establish such a construction is usually closer to the interior door opposite the place where the bed is located. It will be rational to place it at the junction of the wall with the window opening.

Very beautiful and harmonious look an almirah ( closet ) with a mirrored facade or decorated with photo printing. All this allows you to abandon the boring shades. Moreover, modern manufacturers have long developed a lot of design.


Due to its configuration presented as a model range, such a closet ( almirah ) in the hallway will easily eliminate the constraint factor. Excellent capacity is provided by boxes located at the top.

They can arrange things that do not require daily wear. You can keep seasonal clothes, for example, store winter things in the summer season or keep clothes for children bought “for growth”. In the lower drawers there are shoes. This excludes the purchase of a shoe and retains additional space.


Cabinets made to order, provide for the formation of the final value based on the following factors:

  • The complexity of work for a certain complexity.
  • Time spent on making. The customer may require a shorter working time. The price will be slightly higher, but not much.
  • Material from which the model is made (MDF, DSP).
  • Firm manufacturing. Get the product of a well-known manufacturer company will be somewhat more expensive than will receive the same, but less significant manufacturer.


On sale you can find the following sizes:

  • height of the construction is two hundred and forty centimeters;
  • depth (width) sixty centimeters.
  • the length of the upper shelf is one hundred and thirty-five centimeters, or one hundred and twenty.

Relying on the similar dimensions of the cabinet, the bar is perfectly placed inside, adapted for hangers, and also hooks for clothes and various shelves (large and small).


There are two versions of the mechanism that determine the suspension of the doors. First, they can be fastened with two guides or with one upper bar. This option is much more reliable, but in turn, when it requires frequent cleaning of the gutter located below the guide.

With the second option for installing a door for a sliding door wardrobe, the assembly technology looks simpler and at a price somewhat cheaper. However, there is a risk that the mechanism will loosen up after a while and the doors will simply stop closing. Proceeding from this, experts always recommend the first option as more reliable


Of course, direct assembly is considered the main thing. However, do not forget about accessories and accessories. After all, her choice quite often causes great difficulties. This is mainly due to the handles. Pressure handles are not suitable, only staples or even their absence.

For the classical style, this is unacceptable, because there the pen is the defining accent. When choosing, in most cases, stop on the version without pens.


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