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Today, the houses erected with the use of wood have become incredibly famous. Wooden housing is modern, cozy, warm and economical. Wood in the construction of cottages began to be used extremely long ago because this material has low cost, durability, low thermal conductivity and ease in construction.

Recently, we again began to appreciate natural things – natural products, clothes, interior items. This applies to our homes. Modern wooden house ideas are experiencing a real boom. This is not only an opportunity to live in a comfortable environment and in a house that is right for you but also a chance to avoid the influence of harmful building materials, which are crammed with massive buildings.

Wooden house ideas thanks to its natural properties are the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving. True, this is the case if all components are made entirely of natural materials. Recently, a huge number of companies have appeared on the market, offering not only modern but also cheap wooden house ideas. However, in pursuit of cheapness, we often forget about some important points that should be taken into account when building a wooden house. The construction should be carried out by professionals who will calculate the binding and correctly implement the laying on the foundation. Details of the house must flawlessly adhere to each other, the insulation materials are carefully laid, engineering networks are carried out according to high-quality standards. Quality wooden house “breathes”, it is rarely stuffy or damp in it. See also Modern Dream house


Modern wooden house on a rounded tree
Small house in the autumn forest
A wooden cabin in the winter forest
Unique wooden house design
At the edge of the forest stands an old wooden house
Large wooden house ideas
Small house on the river bank
Wooden house ideas with a swimming pool
Forest house
Wooden house among birches
Houses made of round logs
House in the forest by the water
Finnish house
Beautiful wooden house
House on the outskirts
Two-storey house from a bar
Innovative house made of wood
Old wooden house ideas from a bar
Old wooden house, overgrown with trees


Wooden house decor
Modern wooden house ideas
Summer cottage near the mountains


Wooden house
Wooden house in the mountains
Old wooden house and storm clouds
Wooden house ideas of the Alpine village
Wooden forest house in England
Wooden house from logs
Siberian wooden house
Wooden house from log house
Construction of a wooden house
Country wooden house
House made of glass, concrete and wood
Wooden house with large windows
Old house in the field
House with a tree inside
Tree house made of wood
Old wooden house
Interior of a wooden house
Snow-covered house in the mountains
Garden wooden house
Wooden house in front of snow-covered firs
Elite house made of wood
Flooded wooden house
Wooden house

It is the wooden house that will emphasize the taste, the individuality of its master and perfectly fit into the surrounding landscape. Therefore, people who can afford much, choose a house made of wood. Such houses can become a calling card and the pride of any person.

What should I consider when choosing a cheap wooden house?


For the production of high-quality houses, trees must correspond to optimal ripeness, and this is not less than 60 and not more than 90 years. The best type of wood for the construction of houses are spruce and pine, and not as often considered – cedar and larch. Spruce is superior to pine in terms of both technical characteristics and beauty of the wood pattern. The thinner the board in the glued bar, the cheaper the house built of them. However, the more unreliable such a house is. For the cheapest houses logs are sawn in such a way as to minimize waste and get the maximum number of boards. In addition, cheap wooden house ideas glued lumber or timber are usually made of thin boards of different sorts, the age and size, and also used a cheap adhesive containing toxic substances. Therefore, when choosing a cheap wooden house, it is worth considering these factors.

It is not worth chasing the price


Even if your main goal is to build a modern wooden house , do not rush to accept the offer of the company that offered you the best price. Often, companies that want to convince the client with their amazingly low price, rely on the use of the lowest quality wood, lightweight structures and cheap materials, as well as its construction in the most primitive way. Therefore it is recommended to go through the sites of several companies, choose a couple of options you like and try to buy a house directly from the manufacturer. If you choose to purchase a house through an intermediary company, ask what kind of producer it cooperates with and at which factory your house will be manufactured.

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Modern technologies of construction of wooden houses


Double beam technology. It is best suited for the construction of a modern relatively inexpensive wooden cottage or garden house, cottage. Houses built on this technology are characterized by a tight fit of well-dried parts in addition to a quality insulation. Well-dried parts (16-18%) are less prone to additional drying, as a result of which the total shrinkage of the house will not exceed one percent of the height of the building.

Technology triple bar. Ideal for the construction of residential buildings. This technology guarantees excellent in its thermal insulation of the outer walls of the wooden house , and also allows you to aesthetically hide communications inside the walls.

Log houses


Log houses. Wooden house ideas it is made of natural logs, cut by hand, are very popular. True, when building a house it is very important to find a contractor who will cut down the log house qualitatively. Otherwise, you are grazed by severe shrinkage, cracking of logs during drying, which leads to cracks and loss of thermal insulation.

Houses made of round logs. This technology is the most common because of the availability of cylinder machines. If you decide to build a house from round logs, carefully study the market offers and make sure the contractor’s professionalism. If you are going to permanently live in such a house, and do not use it as a holiday house, you should choose a log diameter of at least 26 cm. Although the price will grow slightly, this house has better thermal insulation.

Wooden lumber houses of natural moisture. These wooden house ideas, as a rule, are the cheapest, but they are the ones that cause the most problems in operation, as they sit down for quite some time, requires several re-pegs and so on. If a wooden house is made of raw logs, it’s cold outside and the house has to heat, then due to a significant temperature difference, wood is cracked, which leads to deep, ugly cracks. Therefore, it is not recommended to build a large area of a bar of natural moisture.

Houses made of laminated veneer lumber


These houses are characterized by a beautiful minimalist modern look and good technological characteristics. Such houses, for example, are practically not subject to shrinkage and can be inhabited immediately after construction and communication. True, they are the most expensive. Inside this beautiful outside timber of such a house there may be the lowest-grade wood with all possible defects (rot, blue, knots, black and drop-outs, etc.). Also, glue in the walls of a wooden house leads to a loss of the meaning of a wooden house – such a house does not breathe.

Characteristics of an energy-efficient modern wooden house


Sometimes the savings on the construction of a house does not consist in the cheapness of materials and work, but in energy-efficient exploitation, which will eventually take its price off. Studies show that the construction of houses according to all the rules of energy saving is more expensive than usual by 20 percent, however, during operation, they are cheaper by 60-70 percent!

The main factors of energy saving in wooden houses:

1) Proper orientation of the house to the sides of the world. Deviation of even 30 degrees can adversely affect energy efficiency at home

2) Literacy of architectural forms and roofing

3) Thoughtful planning of underground planes, foundation walls and floor on the ground

4) Detailed design of windows

5) Supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery

6) Precise placement of thermal insulation materials

7) Maximum possible use of natural materials

8) Highly professional installation of all elements and parts of the house


Forest Cottage


A long, rectangular shape with magnificent pine trees and holes, opening directly into the forest, determined the architecture and design of this cottage. Pressing against the border of the neighboring site, the house maximizes the wooded part. Two unequal elongated volumes are connected by a transverse light output. All residential and public premises here are facing a wooded garden, and only technical – in the direction of the neighboring built-up area. Thus, nature becomes an integral part of everyday life. The wooden lining of the house seems to merge with the environment, making it virtually invisible to an outsider’s eye. And only the contrasting white frames, made of plastered concrete, remind of the structure and functional purpose of the building.

House of a fairy tale


Reconstruction of a wooden frame, especially from rounding – this is always a big problem for the architect because of the technological features of construction. And in this house the reconstruction was just necessary – there was simply no place for the stairs! As a result, we added an open veranda to the house, built the whole house with open galleries for walks, increased the roof and designed and built a separate house nearby, which housed a garage, boiler room, sauna and apartment for guests. The house is decorated with authoring forging on fabulous subjects.

In harmony with nature



On the shore of the reservoir, which is bordered by the site, the architects designed the guest house. Unlike the main house, for a single-story guest house, the beam was chosen as the main building material – the authors of the project gave preference to it for its exceptional ecological compatibility, for the natural beauty of the color, and for the ideal correspondence of the function of the structure. Indeed, what else, if not wooden, can be a house on the shore of the lake, designed to rest expensive guests?

Log cabin and modern wooden house



In the design of this wooden house from round logs, architect Roman Leonidov for the first time tried to unite the traditional and modern way of building wooden buildings. The elements of the frame made of glued beams made it possible to combine the frame and modern large stained-glass windows that filled the house with light and air.

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